Who is Giuseppe Giofrè, new judge of Amici 2023 and famous dancer

Giuseppe Giofrè is the new judge of Amici22. The winner of the talent dance category ten years ago arrives at the evening after having danced alongside big stars and traveled the world.

Giuseppe Giofre, thirty years old, is the new judge of Friends22, called to evaluate the performances of the students of the Cinecittà school during the evening, together with Cristiano Malgioglio and Michele Bravi. For years now, he has been an established dancer who has literally traveled the world with dance, alongside great names in international music and entertainment. The beginnings of him, however, were right in talent of Maria De Filippiwhich opened the doors to success for him when he won the dance category in the 2012 edition.

Who is Giuseppe Giofrè, his career as Amici at the Millennium Dance in Los Angeles

Born in Gioia Tauro, in the province of Reggio Calabria, on 10 January 1993, Giuseppe Giofré has just turned thirty. He has always indulged his passion for dance, starting to study from a very young age, with the dream of becoming a real dancing star. Among the disciplines he studied in more depth, there are hip hop and jazz funkalso trying his hand at other styles and always making new dance techniques.

The first impact with Giuseppe’s notoriety is when he participates in Amici, during the 2012 edition, a full ten years ago, when a competition was also set up for the BIGs. That year he won the evening event and had the opportunity to obtain a scholarship at the Millennium Dance in Los Angelesand it was after his experience in the United States that his career actually exploded.

Competitors Friends 2022/2023, the names of singers and dancers at the Evening

Giuseppe Giofrè when he won the Amici edition in 2012

Giuseppe Giofrè when he won the Amici edition in 2012

He joined the corps de ballet of X Factor UKthen dance alongside the greatest female singers in the world, from Jennifer Lopez to Ariana Grandeparticipated in the world tour of Taylor Swift and he also remembers his presence as a dancer in the musical film “Cinderella” alongside Camila Cabello. In 2020 he then returned to Italy, where he was once again welcomed into the Amici school, as a professional. After a year dedicated to other projects, he then returns to Amici22, but this time as a judge.

The private life of Giuseppe Giofrè

As for his private life, however, Giuseppe Giofrè has always been particularly reserved, although he has not hidden his homosexuality over time. Among the stories that he has come to know, there is the one with the dancer Adam Vesperman famous for playing Billy Elliot in the musical of the same name, with whom he was engaged in 2020. At the moment, at least from what transpires on social media, there seems to be no relationship in progress and that he is single.

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