Who is “Pretty Little Liars”: personalities from the first to the last season

A is a fictional character from Pretty Little Liars and the main antagonist of the series. We find her gift from the very first episode, where she presents herself as a dark and evil character, whose identity, however, is unknown. After Alison’s death, A begins torturing Hannah, Aria, Emily, and Spencer with heavy threats. He will write very heavy anonymous messages to them, provoking them with cruel jokes and even death threats. Only gradually do you discover that there are different faces behind this character.

The first for this role will be 16-year-old Mona Vanderwaal. that he’s mad at the girls for not doing anything when Allison was bullying her. So he decides to keep the girls on their toes by sending them anonymous messages. Surely it is this character who manages to decisively declare himself to the public in this way. He will play her in the first two seasons.

Pretty Little Liars: Everything you need to know

But then who put on the “clothes” of the mysterious A from Pretty Little Liars? Right after Mona, it’s time for Ceci Drake/Charlotte DiLaurentis.. At the end of season 6, it is revealed that it was actually her all along, and she tells the truth to Allison, Monet herself, and the liars at the Radley. The only person who knew everything early on was adoptive mother Jessica DiLaurentis. Charlotte will clarify that since Mona came to Radley, it was she who took possession of A in order to use it at her discretion.

So, thanks to a special meeting, she revealed many secrets of Mona herself and the liars. Obviously, the audience has shown that they are very curious to understand the further developments associated with this very popular series.

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