Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie has already grossed $26 million

After breaking records during her Eras Tour this summer, Taylor Swift has done it again with a road movie. Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour, due to take place on October 13, has broken all existing advance ticket sales records. For the first 24 hours of sale, it is $ 26 million.

THATThe largest theater operator in the US and the world said the staggering figure marks the highest day of pre-sales in the chain’s history in 103 years. The $26 million also broke the previous one-day sales record for a single game. Achieved Spiderman: No Way Home 2021, which raised $16.9 million in the first 24 hours. According to the AMC, On Thursday, the film “Eras Tour” outsold “Spider-Man” in first three-hour sales.

To meet demand, all US AMC theaters will screen Era at least four times a day. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. AMC has already added more theaters to screen the film in its theaters across the country. In honor of Taylor Swift’s favorite actors, tickets to the movie are on sale for $19.89 plus adult tax. And $13.13 plus tax for kids and seniors (except AMC premium widescreens). The film will be available at AMC theaters in the US, Canada and Mexico, with tickets on sale now.

Where can I watch Taylor Swift movie?

The film will also be screened in IMAX and Dolby Cinema on AMC. As with other large premium formats, by paying the standard surcharge, which varies by format and venue. AMC hinted at a surge in Swifty’s interest in the film. By updating their website and ticketing systems to handle five times more volume than ever before. However, the AMC app reportedly crashed on Thursday. Therefore, fans were asked to go to the local AMC in person due to the high volume of traffic that made online booking unavailable in some places.

“AMC is also aware that no ticketing system in history seems to have been able to meet the growing demand from Taylor Swift fans. Guests who wish to be the first to purchase tickets online may experience delays, longer than usual waiting times to purchase tickets, and possible outages. AMC is committed to ensuring that any delays or disruptions are resolved as quickly as possible.” The company told The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday.

In addition to accommodating and distributing the film, AMC partnered with several other theater operators in the United States, Canada, and Mexico for screenings.. Including Cinemark (USA), Cineplex (Canada) and Cinepolis (Mexico).

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