Why A24, the independent production company Everything Anywhere, is the most daring and successful in modern cinema – MOW

OUR products of the new, so to speak, since it was born in 2012, the New York-based manufacturer is one of a kind. So different from each other that it seems difficult to keep them under the auspices of one work: A24 film is recognized precisely because it has nothing to do with any other film in the catalog. Success depends on this paradox. The results seem to prove the three founders right Daniel Katz, David Fenkel and John Hodges (last released by the manufacturer in 2018), in turn, feature film lovers. At the last Oscar film All Everywhere All At Once belonging Daniels won: 7 statuettes, including for the best female role, Michelle Yeoh. It’s been 95 years since an independent production company won 4 acting categories, in addition to Best Picture and Best Director. Thus, only today the difference between A24 and other products has become so obvious. But 2023 was certainly not the only triumphant year. Also last year, the New York house made a very good impression with its WHALE From Darren Aronofskyone of the best films of the year, regardless of the statuette Brendan Frasermore than deserved. Moonlight From Barry JenkinsA24’s first original production, won 3 statuettes in 2016: Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor with Mahershala Ali. In short, it is no longer surprising to see the Big Five pushed from the night’s most precious pedestals of stars. But, as already mentioned, the A24 cannot be judged solely on the basis of the success guaranteed by the recognition of the Academy.

What distinguished the way A24 worked from the start was the originality of the advertising campaigns. In 2015, during the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, someone accidentally scrolled through Tinder and stumbled upon the profile of this Ava, a 25-year-old girl. Everything is fine. More or less. In fact, Ava was not a person, but a robot and also very curious.: What is love? What makes a person a person? Existential questions asked to those looking for a simple fuck. Instead, after several exchanges, one of them was redirected to the Instagram page EX Machine Debut film directed by Alex Garland. There were only two posts on the page: one with a release date and the other with an excerpt from the movie. Of course, the stunt went viral. This is not the only example of “author marketing”. ghost story, a 2017 film starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, got New Yorkers involved in the promotion by organizing mini-sets in different parts of the city where anyone could dress up as a ghost and talk about their past, their wounds, and their memoir. Making actors out of future viewers, even if only for a few minutes. Before the movie we’re already inside the movie. In addition, there is merchandising to please relic collectors, those who want to explicitly express their love for the piece. It seems that there is no decision on the continuity between production, promotion and vision. A24 wants to create a universe for each content, a system of symbols and links that strives to make the implementation of each work complete.. A totality that great filmmakers often aspired to (Kubrick, for example, took care of every aspect of the construction of his films). The company’s funds are put at the service of creativity without taboos, in search of new experiences. So, in fact, Jenkins, director of the aforementioned Moonlightin an interview for GQ: A24 is not interested in the “subject” of the film, but rather focuses on what the viewing experience will bring with it. Look for emotions, not posters. Or at least the latter must be subordinate to the former.

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