Why Everyone’s Talking About Kim Kardashian’s Bikini Selfie (And Weird Shadow On Her Breast)

Something’s not right with Kim Kardashian’s bikini selfie. Someone pointed out the unnatural shadow on her breasts, still raising the controversy about photo editing.

It could be called “the selfie of discord”. Kim Kardashian she returned to social media with new photos, which quickly captured the attention of the Instagram public and went viral. The entrepreneur boasts 348 million followers, with whom she shares her everyday life every day: work commitments, holidays, travel, moments of family life. So what’s different about the new shots, from all the others? They have rekindled an old controversy, which concerns Kim Kardashian and beyond.

Why Kim Kardashian’s photo is in the controversy

Kim Kardashian’s new photos have not gone unnoticed, for several reasons. The influencer’s fans rushed to compliment her: her shots highlight her irrepressible physique, those shapes that made her famous. In this regard, there has always been much discussion of the resorted to surgery, with a focus especially on the butt and hips. For her part, the entrepreneur has always said that she has a completely natural B-side and that she has only had botox injections. True or false that she is, she has candidly admitted that she would be willing to do everything (really everything!) To keep an ever young look.

The picture is definitely his obsession and he proved it just recently, undergoing a crash diet to quickly lose weight so he could fit into a dress that belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Often the 42-year-old also ended up in the storm due to the excessive use of filters and Photoshop on social media, helping to create a completely distorted perception of the body and proposing unattainable and impossible ideals of beauty.

Kim Kardashian as Chiara Ferragni: wearing a stone sculpture top with the shape of the breast

Similar criticisms have also been leveled at his sister Khloe Kardashianwhich fans have accused of making themselves almost unrecognizable in the photos, abusing extreme retouching in post production. Well, Kim Kardashain’s roundup of black bikini photos raises this very issue, again. Some have noticed how unnatural the shadow looks on the décolleté of the entrepreneur.

Apparently is the shadow cast on his body by the smartphone, held in hand for the shot. Yet for color and size, it seems that something is not right: it is disproportionate, with strange contours, the tone is very dark and even the dimensions seem excessive. Has the influencer played too much with photo editing, obtaining an overwhelming result? Or is it just an optical illusion and there is only the hand of the mischievous in the interpretation?

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