Psalm with Le Carie screams all its punk soul


That punk was Salmo’s first love is no secret to anyone. Nor is it today, after the release of THREEa (for now) small side project that the rapper from Olbia has released together with a handful of top-level musicians (Frenetik and Marzo Azara on guitars, Jacopo Volpe on drums, Dade from Linea 77 and Verano), who all together form The Caries. The same musicians who accompanied Salmo during his Flop Tour (which will start again on March 20 from the Assago Forum) and in his Psalm Unpluggedthe album recorded at the Baja Sardinia Ritual Club in Costa Smeralda.

THREE – we said -, like the tracks contained in this mini EP: YOU X ME, LIAR And A MOMENT. Three songs that have nothing to do with Violathe song created together with Fedez (a not exactly very successful pop punk triumph), but which are – on the contrary – extremely credible in their being absolutely hardcore.

In “TRE” Salmo returns to his musical roots

If you press play to search for a hit à la The sky in the room or a tainted rap as in Death USB or Hellvisbackyou won’t find bread for your teeth here. This is truly Salmo’s declaration of love towards punk, the only protagonist of a project that clearly arises from the passion and desire to make music like in the beginning and returning to its musical roots, freeing itself from the logic of streaming, when success was still a distant goal. That THREE Is it a prequel to something bigger? We just have to wait for the next surprise from one of the most unpredictable rappers (or maybe that’s an understatement) on the Italian scene.

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