Why hasn’t anyone released Ed Sheeran’s “Loop Station” yet?

A world-famous pop star, a great musician and – bar the sacred monsters of rock – one of the few celebrities who can still make the guitar the main character on the ocean stages, Ed Sheeran has a whole series of Martins to his credit and recently introduced his personal brand acoustics in collaboration with Lowden Guitars. However, until now, no one had thought to enter the laboratory with the British singer-songwriter to jointly develop a customized ring station that could be offered to the general public.

Why hasn't anyone released Ed Sheeran's
The use of a loop station is a central feature of his concerts. Sheeran only needs a guitar, keyboard and microphone to bring a real show to life, so much so that there are plenty of enthusiasts who have tried to steal the secrets of his setup to emulate his exploits.
However, when you take a closer look at his feet, you notice that he has more than just a classic pedalboard at his disposal. The large black container in which his loops are mixed is actually a complex system of multiple controllers interacting with each other, allowing him to move freely around the stage, affecting loops from different points, or even choreograph rotating stages with his pedalboards everywhere. . The brains of the entire mechanism reside safely behind the scenes in a computer running the cycle software.

Sheeran took his first steps on the BOSS circuit stations, eventually specializing and expanding his network as his fame grew.
He is known for performing in his home studio, where you can get a very close look at his custom system called the Chewie Monsta.

The “monster” that accompanies Ed was developed jointly with technician Trevor Dawkins. The first version, called Monsta, was then updated to Chewie II, which included, among other things, a keyboard input.
The Chewie, as shown, is literally a huge loop station, with a large display that allows the artist to follow the progress of an individual loop, and an even larger display on the right to control the progress and characteristics of the entire mix, while maintaining all traces. under the eye.
The footswitches are also larger in size, with clear labeling and well-placed buttons reminiscent of those on his old BOSS RC30 or RC-20XL, multiplied by five pairs.

The Chewie Monsta and Chewie II are unique items not intended for sale, and they have become real objects of desire among fans, so much so that on the Internet you can find videos and instructions for making such controllers in an amateur way, because industrial level, no, is never on the horizon There was nothing.

However, it now appears that someone is now considering creating a signature lavalier station with Ed. In fact, rumors talk about a whole series of products, although it is not yet clear how and when they might appear on the Internet. market, whether it will be an already established company that will take care of them, or whether it will be an operation headed by Sheeran himself.
This is according to a “source close to Ed Sheeran”, who in an interview with The Sun guarantees that such products “will go away like water.” It’s still very unclear at the moment, but the prospect is really tempting.

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