“Women are asked to be accommodating”

Emily Blunt included in the stellar cast OppenheimerNew film Christopher Nolan starring Cillian Murphy (here is our review). Plays Kitty Puening, a botanist and former Communist Party USA activist who is the wife of Robert Oppenheimer.

There was something wild and non-conformist about her,” Blunt said in an interview with The Guardian. It was a time when restrictions were placed on women as they tried to become the perfect housewives. But Kitty was a terrible mother and housewife. Spending time at the ironing board was the fate of many women with big minds. I know many women of a certain age who get angry because their life is defined by being someone’s mother or wife. And I sympathize with it

Even today in the film world, women are asked to be nice and accommodating, and men are not. No one cared how accommodating Leonardo DiCaprio was in The Wolf of Wall Street. In fact, women are outspoken, but many of them are self-censoring, as we are often not given the opportunity to speak the truth. Or you are considered too ambitious or emotional if you express your thoughts

The actress went on to also talk about the strike called by actors and writers to protest streaming and artificial intelligence.

I am a big believer in ensuring unions get exactly what they want. I strongly believe in the return to work of our teams, the people who will suffer the most

What do you think of these words Emily Blunt?

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