Women’s denim jacket: fall fashion models

Denim jacket guide: how to wear it and fashionable models for fall 2023

Versatile, timeless, unforgettable. A denim jacket is one of those things that has been kept in the wardrobe since childhood and accompanies life in different events and occasions. Forgotten for several seasons, when we find it between a coat and a biker, we rediscover the desire to show it off with pride. Because there is always a way to wear it, transform it and adapt it to modern times, or make a formal look more casual by wearing a denim jacket under a suit.

Iconic clothing that has transformed from generation to generation, that dominates all trends, with a boundless aesthetic imagination that stretches from the 60s to the present day, and has also brought with it many sensational reviews. From Marilyn Monroe to Claudia Schiffer and Sarah Jessica Parker, many talk about their decades-long love affair with denim, a happy marriage cemented and undoubtedly built to last for years to come.

Marilyn Monroe in 1960, Sarah Jessica Parker in 1987.

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The denim jacket is a safe haven for us girls, a trusted friend we can count on, a playing field we can easily win on. We are often proud of this too, because this slightly larger boyfriend style model suits us very well. And then, we love the vintage wash, even the beloved past, which makes each piece so unique and special. For some reason, we are somewhat obsessed with this, but we can consider it a normal phenomenon, you will never forget your first love, even if we are talking about fashionable things.

However, when the right opportunity to update your wardrobe comes along, it’s definitely not something you should ignore. And guess what? This season it’s denim’s turn, a versatile fabric that during the pandemic has proven to be not only a favorite of stylists and major fashion houses, but also the most coveted by the home public, replacing soft cardigans and sweatpants with alternating baggy jeans, overalls, and, since the beginning the first sunny days and a variety of denim jackets, including iconic bombers, cropped styles, kimono variations and 80s inspiration.

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The difference lies not only in the model, but also in how to wear it: that’s how Dakota Johnson chose an oversized denim jacket with a loose fit, which she threw over her shoulders, thus becoming a stylish accessory.

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