World Refugee Day, initiative in Naples

World Refugee Day is observed on June 20, It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 4 December 2000 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Geneva Convention, which defined refugee status in 1951.

Aleo Refugee status is granted to people who are at risk of persecution in their country of origin for sexual, religious or ethnic reasons.

Naples also celebrates this day with a series of cultural activities in the Real Alberto dei Poveri, aimed at citizens of all ages and nationalities, starting at 10 am.

program of the day

in the conference hall, Public meeting (11-13) “Agire l’Eclienza”.

Moderated by Luca Trapanese, Councilor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Naples.

speaker Gaetano Manfredi, mayor of Naples; Gaetano Capello, vicar of the Prefecture of Naples; Emanuela Ferrante, Sports Councilor and Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Naples; Massimo Cilenti, President of the Social Policy Commission of the Municipality of Naples; Savari Ravindra Jeganesan, Deputy Councilor of the Municipality of Naples; Adele Del Guercio, L’Orientale University; Francesco Dandolo, University of Federico II, Community of Sant’Egidio; Fatima Mahdiar, student of Federico II University; Andrea De Bonis, UNHCR; Fatou Diaco, Council of Immigrants of the Municipality of Naples; Work Table for Childhood and Adolescence by Paolo Latanzio, Municipality of Naples; Piero Attanasio, Head of Research and Development and AIE Institutional Relations; Munir Achpari, Sai Naples-Medihospps; Giulio Riccio, SAI Naples-Les Onlas; Mariano Anicello, SAI Naples-Arci Mediterranean.

At the Kodokan Sports Center (10-13), a Intercultural football tournament and fun activities for kids Arci Mediterraneo and Kodokan Sport Napoli Awards ceremony organized by Courtyard Multi-Ethnic Luncheon with Giuseppe Marmo, Kodokan President, Patrizio Oliva, Olympic Boxing Champion and Carminia Botta, Napoli Serie A Women’s Team player 2.00 p.m. Les & Tobili Cooperative carried out by.

Aangan (2.30 pm-5 pm), Reading fairy tales from around the world in the language Intercultural travel program organized by the Italian Publishers Association and the Association of Students and African Diaspora: Batik, Social Tailoring, Henna, Collage Consulta degli Immigrants Workshop and Games, organized by the Association of Teniamosi Per Mano Onlas Information Point and for Children and Adolescents was conducted. Common Space Photographic Exhibition Activities curated by the partners of the project Siamo-Studying Italian for Migrant Adults Music and dance with Dylan De Chiara with the group “Vinochok” Radio Shamal program from Ukraine.

Aangan (5.30-7.30 pm), concert Curated by Medihosp Reggae Roots with Abloh-Max and Concrete Jungle, Afrobeat with guest-star Bapsy- La Recite. 7.30 p.m., Capoeira with the Capoeira Jatoba group, 7.45 p.m. Atrium percussion: bateria pegonda.

protection request, Italy is third with 40,000 positive results

According to Eurostat data, in 2022, EU countries will grant protection permits to 384,245 asylum seekers, a 40% increase from 2021.

Germany is the European country that has issued the most security permits, amounting to 160,000, which is 41% of the EU total; Italy is third with 40,000 positive results (10% of the EU total), ahead of France (50,000, 13%) and Spain (36,000, 9%). Together these four countries accepted 73% of requests for protection at the European level.

Among the types of results in Italy, humanitarian protection always prevailed until 2018 – two thirds of positive results in some years – and, after a decline in 2019 (partially overcome in 2020 due to restrictions introduced at the regulatory level ), it, as a special protection, is back with a very significant weighting, accounting for 55% of the positive results in 2022.

Of the total number of positive decisions, refugee status – the highest recognition of protection – although in our country has always recorded a low incidence, is considered an average of 20% over 10 years (21% in 2022), while refugees in the EU This is awarded to an average of 50% of applicants who are granted protection (44% in 2022).

This is largely due to the nationalities of asylum seekers who register very different detection rates: Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Tunisians and Nigerians, although numerically very significant in our country among asylum seekers, are vulnerable to security. receive positive results in their application (of any type of protection) to a lesser extent than numerically more nationalities in other EU countries, such as Syrians, Afghans, Colombians and Venezuelans

Asylum applications in Italy: increased by 72% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the first three months of 2022. The first three months of 2023 indicate an increase in the demand for protection by third country nationals: more than 31 thousand people applied for asylum in Italy in January and March, 72% more than in the first quarter of 2022 Is. The prevalent nationalities among asylum seekers are mainly Bangladesh (18% of the total), Pakistan (16%) and Egypt (15%). ,

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