Worrying new silent wave makes getting COVID+ flu vaccine and maintaining precautions even more important

Our goal is coming soon autumnthis Coronavirusdoing this through a new variant that experienced over the summer Increase in positive cases is worrying Almost across the entire national territory, the variant, although not showing the severity shown by previous variants, still attracts the attention of health authorities.

Salamanca has not escaped this situation, among which The new wave, yes, is quieter and has milder cases, all of which stem primarily from a lack of testing and a lack of official statistics on casesjust like what happened during the pandemic.

doctor Alfonso Sanchez EscuderoPhysician and coordinator of the Penalanda Health Center, responsible for the entire Penalanda Health District, explains that today “we are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases. We don’t have tests at the moment, but yes We are testing for many acute respiratory infections, which are, simply put, contagious infections, such as covid-19. Although I also have to say that at least the cases we detected at the health center were not serious.“.

Health workers made it clear that “in this case We should take the same precautions we have taken throughout the pandemic. It’s good for people to be distrustful and cautious, especially those who may be in risk groups. ” This situation becomes more active especially during the second part of summer and with the arrival of holidays and festivals in towns, and is now entering a new phase with the arrival of autumn and winter and the arrival of appointments. Particularly important Yes, for example Vaccination.

Alfonso Sánchez announced that the process would begin at the end of September. “We will start vaccinating around these dates and by doing so Flu and COVID-19 immediately“Therefore, anyone who has doubts about whether to use it should consult their primary care physician to decide whether to start this preventive treatment, which may be of considerable significance for the coming year.

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