woven metal dress leaves no room for imagination

angels From Victoria’s Secret they come back and do it big. Last night at NY Premiere of one of the most anticipated shows Victoria’s Secret World Tour. Among the guests were the most famous models and historical faces of the brand, including Adriana Lima AND Naomi Campbelland new offerings such as Emily Ratajkowski and daughter Kate Moss, Leela Moss. However, what caught the attention of photographers at the exclusive event was Lourdes Leondaughter Madonna and her completely nude outfit.

let’s go look for him look.

Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon naked in a fashion photoshoot

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Lourdes Leon she is one of the most sought after models by various fashion brands due to her sophisticated and never banal style. invited to the premiere Victoria’s Secret World tour didn’t hesitate to show her body and his forms among models with a sculpted physique.

Its general appearance naked it was made entirely of cloth metal an elongated, web-woven loose mesh that pairs the outfit with platform sandals and stilettos.

Daughter Madonna I wanted to show my body in all its naturalness, breast was almost completely open and only underwear black. Message from bodypositive this has not gone unnoticed by the fans.

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