X says he fixed a bug that was causing the old line to be deleted…

Over the past weekend a glitch at X (better known as Twitter) caused links and images to disappear from old tweets.. Some, like the historic selfie of Ellen DeGeneres at the 2014 Oscars or the photo of Mr. and Mrs. Obama after they were re-elected in 2012, immediately went back online. But now, X says it fixed the problem for good.

X says it has fixed a bug that was removing links and images prior to 2014.

Yesterday we told you about how the glitch happened Removed all links and images posted prior to December 2014.. Among them are even very famous images such as images of Obama and Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, one of the most retweeted posts on the platform. X made these better known messages available within hours of release. But others are still unavailable.

Twitter support account, now renamed @Support XIt has explained: “We had a bug over the weekend that prevented us from displaying images until 2014. You have not lost any images or data. We have fixed the bug and the issue will be fully resolved in the coming days.”

However, the statement does not contain details about the error itself. External experts have suggested that the issue may be related to changes made by Twitter in 2016. metadata present in tweets published since December 2014, allows you to enter additional data from related web pages without affecting the character count. However, X neither confirmed nor denied this possible cause.

Others have suggested that it might be try to change some messages from twitter.com domain to x.com, but there is no evidence to support this theory. On the other hand, those who argued that this could be a measure to save space on the servers were denied if the messages actually appeared on the network in the next few days.

If some of your old posts with images and links have disappeared, we advise you to wait for the next few days and possibly contact X support if the situation does not change.

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