Yara Shahidi: 10 things you don’t know about the actress


The young one Yara Shahidi she has been acting since she was little and today boasts participations in important films and TV series. With more and more popularity on her side, she is now one of the leading young faces of US acting, also thanks to her chameleon-like talent.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Yara Shahidi.

Yara Shahidi: His Movies and TV Series

1. He has taken part in famous films. The first movie the actress starred in, at the age of 9, was Imagine thatwhile in 2010 he starred alongside Angelina Jolie in Salt. Later he took part in films Unthinkable (2010), with Samuel L. Jackson, butter (2011) e Alex Cross – The memory of the killer (2012). He then returns to the cinema in 2019, starred in The sun is also a star, while in 2023 it is in Peter Pan & Wendymovies with Jude Law as Captain Hook.

2. He has also starred in well-known TV series. In addition to cinematic films, the actress has also starred in some TV series, such as In the Motherhood (2009), Lie to Me (2010), Scandal (2013), The First Family (2012-2013), Bad teacher (2014) and The Fosters (2014). He later voiced the character of Darci in the animated series Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia (2016-2018) and 3 Among Us: Tales of Arcadia (2018-2019). From 2014 to 2022 she instead starred as Zoey Johnson in the series Black-ishwhich made her famous, while from 2018 to 2023 she held the same role also in Grown-ish.

3. She is also a director and producer. In addition to working as an actress in front of the camera, Shahidi has already made the transition behind it, directing an episode of the series Shatterbox and one of the series growing up. She then also worked as executive producer of 68 episodes of the TV series Grown-ishwhere she is also one of the protagonists.

Yara-Shahidi-Tinker Bell-Peter-Pan-Wendy

Yara Shahidi is Tinker Bell in Peter Pan & Wendy

4. She was cast as the iconic character. For the upcoming Disney movie Peter Pan & Wendy, based on the animated classic of the same name, the actress was cast in the iconic role of the fairy Tinker Bell. When this was revealed via the first trailer, many naturally spoke out against the choice of the actress, as Tinker Bell has always been depicted as a white-skinned fairy to this day. However, there was also no lack of praise for Shahidi, described as absolutely suitable for her part.

5. She prepared by listening to music. To prepare for the role of Tinker Bell and get into the mood and psychology of the character, the actress revealed that she had listened to playlists containing songs that reflect the soul and character of Tinker Bell. With music in mind, therefore, she then began to work on Tinker Bell’s “fairy” movements, finding the right balance to make her believable and fascinating.

Yara Shahidi co-starred with Eddie Murphy in Imagine that

6. She played the well-known actor’s daughter. The first film in which Shahidi starred, as already mentioned, was comedy Imagine thatwhere she held the role of Olivia Danielson, the daughter of the protagonist played by Eddie Murphy. The film is in fact based on the special relationship between their two characters. Thanks to her performance, Shahidi was then nominated for the Young Artist Awards for Best Young Actress.

Does Yara Shahidi have a boyfriend?

7. He’s single. In January 2023, the actress revealed that she had recently returned single after a rather serious three-year relationship. It is not known who she was having an affair with, as Shahidi has always kept this aspect of her life private. However, she is currently experiencing what she calls “selfish season“, or a selfish season, focusing primarily on herself and her career, thus reinventing herself far from any possible sentimental relationship.


Yara Shahidi and her activism

8. She is an activist for important social causes. Shahidi founded Eighteen x 18, a platform to encourage peers to vote for the first time at election time. His other organizations include poi Yara’s Cluba partnership with Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN) of New York, which provides online mentorship in hopes of ending poverty through education. In 2021, Yara Shahidi joined the campaign Dior Stand with Women. The actress’s activism was noticed by the former first lady Michelle Obamawho then wrote her a letter of recommendation to Harvard University.

Yara Shahidi is on Instagram

9. It is present on the social network. The actress is present on the Instagram social network, with her own verified profile followed by 8.1 million people and where more than 3,000 posts can currently be found. These are mainly images of her work as an activist, actress and model, often behind the scenes of such projects or promotional for them. But there are also curiosities, moments of leisure, events in which she has taken part and other situations. By following her, you can therefore stay up to date on all the news about her.

Yara Shahidi: age and height of the actress

10. Yara Shahidi was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States on February 10, 2000. The actress is 1.68 meters tall overall.

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