Yorgos Lanthimos and Agnieszka Holland lead the way

Who will win the Golden Lion of the 80th edition of the Show? “Poor creatures!” From Yorgos Lanthimosalways at the top of the list of films most rated by international critics, or “Green border” From Agnieszka Holland about the drama about exploited, beaten and abandoned migrants on the border of Poland and Belarus, which struck the hearts of festival participants and irritated half of the Polish government with accusations of “Nazi propaganda” against the director? And which of the six Italians competing will have the best chance of getting a place in the final verdict? Whatever the predictions game was worth, they were “I’m the captain” From Matteo Garrone AND “Aeneas” From Peter Castellitto bring home the most stars awarded by critics. But we know that during jury meetings everything can change until the last moment. We’ll see tonight when the president Damien Chazelle will read out the list of winners at the closing gala concert at the Palazzo del Cinema (starting at 19:00).

In any case, the top seeded Show includes “The devil doesn’t exist“Oscar-winning film “Drive My Car” Hamaguchi Ryusuke, a poetic elegy about nature in need of saving, centered on the story of a mountain village whose residents protest the construction of a luxury campsite. Even the overwhelming “Owner» from and with Bradley Cooper about the composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein, who is competing, first of all, for the Coppia Volpi Award for the leading female role, and is very talented Carey Mulligan. Superstar Lanthimos is nominated for the same award. Emma Stone (who, however, already received it for the film “La La Land” directed by President Chazelle), and among the actors is the protagonist of “Dog Man”, the eclectic Caleb Landry JonesBradley Cooper himself and some say German Franz Rogowski “Lyubo” directed by Giorgio Diritti. Not everyone was able to make it to the Lido, given the Hollywood actors’ strike. Even from this point of view, one should not lose sight of the interpretation of brava. Jessica Chastain In Memory, which received union permission to participate in the festival because the film was not produced by a major label.

In anticipation of the grand finale yesterday, C.E.O. Nicola Maccanico has illustrated Cinecittà’s new direction over the past year, providing an important return to visibility in the international media. Financial statements for 2022 were approved with a net profit of more than 1.8 million, with a turnover of 39 million, more than double the 2021 figure. However, the CEO explained the effect of the Hollywood producers’ strike: “We, too, are beginning to suffer from this problem, which has slowed down activities, and the consequences of which cannot be quantified at this time.”

Four of the six Italian films participating in the festival, Maccanico continued, were shot in Cinecittà, proof of the excitement that animates the studios, and one, “Finally dawn” From Xavier Costanzo, sees the same studios as the main characters of the story. Over the last period, more than fifty productions have been staged, among the artists are Luca Guadagnino, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Craig, Angelina Jolie, Ralph Fiennes, Charlize Theron, Uma Thurman, Denzel Washington, Marco Bellocchio, Gabriele Salvatores, Nanni Moretti, Edoardo De Angelis. , Pierfrancesco Favino, Luca Marinelli, Willem Dafoe, Adam Driver. Regarding Pnrr’s investments, the targets have changed over time: 220 million investments were concentrated on 9 historical theaters in Via Tuscolana and left 40 million for the new land in Torre Spaccata. “Procedures and deadlines have been respected,” concluded the CEO, “in 2026, Cinecittà will have 25 operating cinemas and production capacity will increase by more than 60 percent.”

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