You: Penn Badgley would accept Joe’s death at the hands of Cardi B | TV

Cardi B she has proven to be a huge fan of You and the protagonist Penn Badgley is willing to make the rapper appear in the Netflix series. Joe Goldberg is in trouble again in the fourth installment of the thriller series and actor Badgley told Rolling Stone that he wanted the “WAP” singer in the new season.

If I wish it was in You? Yes, if it worked. I wanted her in season four. However, it has to work. You understand? And how could it be anyone but Cardi B?“he told the magazine.

While not physically present, Cardi B has already made an appearance on You, with her song “I Like It” playing in the background during the season four opener. The reporter asked Badgley if he liked the idea of ​​Cardi ending Joe’s life and killing him.

I don’t disagree“, he said.

To celebrate the return of YouCardi B recently changed her Twitter profile picture to a photo from the Netflix series.

In 2021, Cardi even hinted at how she could be a part of the series, tweeting: “It’s the first episode and I’m at Paris Fashion Week which is about to end! I turn around and there’s YOU. Okay, finish it on Netflix“.

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