Zendaya breaks her silence and explains her compromise with Tom Holland

Zendaya th Tom Holland they make one of the strangest couples in the world Hollywood, winning the admiration of thousands of fans in different parts of the world. After investigating the noise surrounding the alleged compromise, Disney I want you to clarify your love situation with the main character recently”Spider-Man, no way House“, admitting what he is photos with a ring in his stories Instagram I’m not one of those compromise statements that cause a lot of controversy. social rules.

Zendaya breaks her silence

A group of reporters approached her, a North American artist Zendaya no longer calls and calls to respond to all types of consultations regarding the alleged compromise with the American actor Tom Holland, clarifying the truth about her Instagram photo with the ring. Judging by his statements, his status in Holland remains with him. normalityexposing all kinds noises.

“I can’t publish anything, many people. I’m posting this under my sombrero. Don’t hold the ring in your hand behind me, many, seriously.” I mentioned the North American actress Zendayacausing him great excitement red socialis.

“Do you think this is how I would break the news?” – said the 27-year-old performer, so I will publish the photo in her stories. Instagram.

I respect your relationship

Zendaya it takes a few weeks for the company to respect privacy again Tom Holland. “I acknowledge that some parts of my life are public. I can’t be a person, live my life and love the person I want. But I can also control what I want to share. It’s about protecting the world and ending the status quo and not being afraid to exist. You can’t hide and it’s just fun. I’m coping better now than ever.”emphasized.

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