Zombie Apocalypse: Study Finds Italian Provinces Most Likely to Survive

The list of the safest places has been compiled by Rentola, an international real estate platform entirely dedicated to apartment rentals.

Sooner or later they will come here too living Dead haunt us with their dull stares, empty eyes, rotten teeth and stale blood? “The zombie apocalypse“this is the name of one studyscientific in methodology, futuristic in content, probability of survival in Italyprovince after province, facing the onslaught of zombies.

Why them and not aliens?

Zombies have organized. Ever since they burst onto the big screen (and the collective imagination) in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead masters of horror, George Romero, have come a long way. No longer slow, dazed, driven only by an uncontrollable need for food. They became very fast, organized, almost invincible, like World War Z with Brad Pitt. They also celebrate a national holiday, October 8th. It’s World Zombie Day, a day entirely dedicated to the cult of the undead.

In short, we need to start preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. But where in Italy can one hope to survive? The list of the safest places is Rentola, an international real estate platform entirely dedicated to apartment rentals. A structured study, complete with small drawings that help to understand, for example, that a legless zombie even manages to climb onto the roof of our house and spy on us from the window.

It is, of course, a publicity stunt. About a campaign played out to the brink of absurdity, about predicting an opportunity that (we hope) will never happen. On the other hand, the message, characterized by quirky, somewhat black and self-deprecating humor (see the case of Taffo), has become an interesting advertising character over the years. A universal language, given that the same offer was also made for the German market.

But it is also a way of examining a country in precise terms: vulnerability, caches, supplies, security, and mobility. All official data are taken from Istat statistics. Thus, this extravagant study also becomes a test for Italy with all its peculiarities.

We are waiting for the results. What An Italian province would be preferable if things got really bad, with hordes of undead ready to attack (and eat) the living? “According to our research,” Rentola writes, “ Ravenna takes first place as the most anti-zombie province in Italy.”

There Lombardy not at its best: “The bottom three places belong to Milan and its environs. Closes Varese. But things are even worse elsewhere: “Even some areas of the Center-South will be at risk: Teramo, Naples and Rome form a geographical triangle similar to the Bermuda Triangle, which is not recommended to enter.”

Rome, capital? “This is one of the most vulnerable places in Italy. It ranks third from last, having received very low scores in most categories. Due to the very high population density, the city will suffer from a very rapid spread of the virus.”

So where is the best place to move to keep your pens? “Four of the top ten provinces are located northeast of the peninsula. Provinces such as Trieste, Belluno, Reggio Emilia and the already mentioned Ravenna receive good marks in various categories, primarily for their strategic position.

What are the benefits? “On the one hand, the natural border of the Alps will protect against threats from the north, and the Adriatic Sea will become a shield for zombies coming from the southeast. The whole area from Verona to Udine can not only be very pleasant to live in, but it can also save your life,” Rentola explains again.

So let’s analyze them, these options on which the anti-zombie research rests. There is a vulnerability: if these are places already predisposed to a high percentage of chronic diseases in the population and if there is a high disaster risk index. The presence of shelters, that is, secluded dwellings, farms and green spaces, was then assessed.

To survive the onslaught of zombies, you must also adequate supplies. With supermarkets and malls likely to be closed for more than Christmas under such circumstances, the land needs to be cultivated.

And then, you can’t defend yourself with your bare hands. We need fuel for cars, weapons, medicine, adequate clothing. Avoid high heels. And the right weapon. Not only specialized stores, but also military bases for organizing resistance.

The last parameter: mobility. What are the chances of quickly escaping the province? How well is it connected in terms of roads and railways?

Until then, let’s take it easy. The zombie apocalypse exists, but it’s just a game. A series of increasingly popular destinations for the peninsula. And now a TV offer. On August 8, the world’s first themed reality show starts on Netflix, set in Seoul. called zombies and films ten contestants who think they are on a reality dating show. Instead, they will end up in a city overrun by zombies. Don’t worry, they’re just actors. Or not?

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