10 box office champions of 2023 to catch up in summer arenas and online streams

Sometimes box office miracles repeat themselves. After the influx of people who returned to cinemas from Top Shooter: Maverick a year ago now Barbie queuing and creating incredible numbers, waiting for it to arrive here too Oppenheimer (to be seen, if possible, in the format in which he was born, in 70 mm on a very large screen). The film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling conquers a diverse audience (fans of performers nostalgic for Mattel games, fans of comedies that start with absurd assumptions, etc.), gathering different generations (and therefore families) in red chairs. There are a few films that have done well at the box office, ones that have managed to convince people to return to theaters all over the world, and, good news, if you missed them when they came out, you can watch them in theaters. fly (or see them again) in the network of summer arenas opened or created throughout Italy for outdoor entertainment, as well as rent them (and in some cases even watch them for free) via streaming.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie

Since April last year, a new animated feature about the planet’s most beloved plumber, who comes to repair the damage caused by a live-action attempt nearly thirty years ago, has raised over a billion dollars. ($1,356,211,575) with a special twist: it’s the most viewed movie on trust, but also the one that arguably disappointed most fans.

Too long, too many special effects and too many plot holes.Super Mario Bros. he proved difficult for those who don’t know the character well, and perhaps a bit pedantic for those who have been around him all his life.
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In a few weeks Barbiereleased on July 20 last year, separates only 200 million from the first title on the podium ($1,187,042,188). Given that it was the film with the best marketing campaign of the year (if not glossy), it even managed to color the background of Google Barbie pink (even today, if you look for which theaters to see it in, or information about the plot and cast), not to mention how it revived the sales of the doll of the same name and the Birkenstock dolls (the protagonists of one of the decisive scenes).

Not only that, going far beyond comedy based on the world of games, it also fuels the discussion about patriarchy and feminism, or more generally about finding your own way in the complex world we live in.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Volume 3

The third step of the cash podium already brings us under a billion dollars ($845,472,421) and kind of celebrates the end of the team as we knew it, but in the credits it shows the new team and the head of the old one, leaving hope for a narrative continuum.

beauty Guardians of the Galaxy – Volume 3However, the choice to tell Rocket’s origin story is full of pain.
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Quick X

Ranked fourth at the 2023 box office with $704,709,660, Quick X brings us closer to the end of the engine saga of Dominic Toretto and company.

It comes with a new villain played by Jason Momoa (very active and very funny in this role) and he takes us to the eleventh episode, which is to play his game with or against artificial intelligence.
AVAILABLE FOR RENT (around €5) on Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Microsoft and Rakuten TV

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Continuation Spiderman: Into a New UniverseOscar-winning animated film starring Miles Morales’ Spider-Man sits in the middle of the world ranking table $684,389,573 (or maybe he deserved a little more attention, because he is dizzy – in a good way – no less and more than the first).


Ranked sixth at the 2023 box office, we find the only non-genre drama film without special effects in the entire ranking.

The film about the birth of the atomic bomb, told by Christopher Nolan through the eyes of Cillian Murphy as the scientist who leads the Manhattan Project, has not yet reached our theaters, while in the rest of the world it is the protagonist face to face with Barbie, two titles at the center of a competition – and a collective passion – that have even merged into a new word, Barbenheimer, that describes this unusual duel and period of return to film consumption in its allotted social spaces. Without the contribution of the Italian public, for the moment it has collected $648,122,445.


Well, not really, the result of the release of a live action game dedicated to the Little Mermaid, which revolves “only” around $567,511,814. The audience liked it, but it didn’t lead to all the fans congregating in the halls, perhaps preferring the streaming release.

It was an unwise choice: two months later, the film still did not make it to the “mother” platform.
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Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One

This time, Tom Cruise, who took the risk of leaving us here, failed. Not yet, because Mission Impossible 7 it has only been in theaters since mid-July.

Ethan Hunt’s new adrenaline-pumping adventure has grossed just $522,395,904 so far. Let’s give her time.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania

The battle of Ant-Man and La Vespa, dragged by the whole family into the quantum world and committed not only to get out of it, but also to save our universe, is already visible online, which did not help growth on the field, the office stopped at $476,071,180 after the global release in April.

The doubt, however, is that the film is paying the price for its overuse of transitions and CGI decisions.
STREAM ON Disney+ and RENT & BUY (around €12) on Amazon, Apple, Google Play, Microsoft and Rakuten TV.


Released on the first day of summer, a new Pixar-Disney cartoon about a seemingly impossible love between fire and water in a universe inhabited only by “elemental” creatures falls a little short of the boom in enthusiasm generated by other previous games by the famous animation studio.

Currently rounds out the top ten for 2023 box office receipts (with $444,216,109), but in these summer days he has room to grow.
IN SUMMER ARENA AND CINEMA HALLS, as well as PURCHASE (about 12 euros) on Amazon, Apple and Microsoft

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