10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

While many people are involved in the development of a film—including producers, writers, and various crew members—it is known that often, willingly, the final decision on how a scene is realized rests with the directors. In fact, it is they who, on the basis of scripts, of which in many cases they are also the author, choose how to give shape to what until then were episodes alive only in storyboards or in the heads of writers. . But what appears on the big screen doesn’t always reflect what the filmmakers wanted to achieve during their creative process. In some cases, the directors really immediately realize that they filmed a scene that actually does not reflect what they originally had in mind, and in others only after some time – and, perhaps, due to professional and artistic growth. long years – looking at their past work, they regret their work. Sometimes, however, it also depends on social changes and how they affect the awareness and sensitivity of the public and the author himself, who, looking at his past, realizes that he has achieved something that, over the years, can be considered controversial or controversial. . bad taste. In short, in fact, directors, even the greatest, most beloved and celebrated by the audience, often regret what they included in their works. Find some examples from star Wars To Titanicpassing through House AND Annabelle: Creation – today in our gallery: ten famous movie scenes, the filming of which the directors regretted.

  • James Cameron – Titanic

In James Cameron’s award-winning film, there is a scene in which we see Officer William Murdoch kill two passengers trying to escape and then point a gun at himself and shoot himself. Obviously, there is no evidence that this actually happened, and it was the director who chose this ending to make the character more interesting. However, relatives of the real William Murdoch have repeatedly protested, stating that Cameron contributed to the creation of a false and negative image of a person who, on the contrary, – according to them – would instead help many people to be saved. Well, in retrospect, the director said he regretted the way he portrayed Murdoch, and even went so far as to apologize to the percentages.

  • Alfred Hitchcock – Sabotage

Yes, even Hitchcock has scenes that he is not proud of. In his 1936 film, there is a rather macabre sequence in which an anarchist intent on blowing up the parade in Piccadilly Circus delivers a bomb package to a child, apparently without revealing its contents. An unsuspecting young man gets on the bus and… that’s right, the bomb explodes, killing everyone, including the child. Hitchcock immediately regretted the filming, calling the scene “a very serious mistake”.

  • J. Abrams – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The seventh episode of the saga, filmed in 2015 by JJ Abrams, contains one of the most traumatic scenes for the public: the one in which Kylo Ren kills his father Han Solo by stabbing him with a lightsaber. But it wasn’t this episode that alarmed fans the most, but the one that follows it, in which Leia Organa hugs Rey, comforting her about what happened. And Chewbacca? What angered the fans is that Carrie Fisher’s character decides to hug the young girl just famous, completely ignoring poor Chewie who was standing next to her! I mean he’s been Khan’s best friend all his life and he’s so neglected? After numerous complaints from fans, Abrams himself stated that the scene was a complete mistake.

  • Ryan Coogler — Black Panther

Many hoped that the ruthless character Ulysses Klaw, played by Andy Serkis, would come to a bad end while watching Black Panther. But that’s not quite what the director had hoped for. In fact, Coogler revealed that he loved Klaw very much, so much so that he bitterly regretted killing him, despite the fact that, in the director’s opinion, it was 100% necessary for the story to continue.

  • David F. Sandburg – Annabelle: The Creation

The Conjuring spin-off centered on the origins of the scary doll Annabelle was a huge success at the box office, terrorizing audiences with its jump scares and frightening demon protagonists. However, there is a very specific scene that the director did not like at all and it was she who most excited the audience: the dark and frightening demonic face of Janice. Sandberg stated that his appearance was rather clumsy and that, in retrospect, he would happily do without it.

  • Spike Lee – Lola Darling

10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

In the 1986 film, written, directed and played by Spike Lee, the main character is in a relationship with three different men, and in one scene we see one of them, Jamie, brutally rape a young woman. The problem is that in the film’s absurd ending, when she has to choose which of the three lovers to be with, she confesses her love to Jamie. Lee stated that if there is one scene that he truly regrets in his entire career and that he would gladly change if he could go back, it is the rape scene, because he was very light-hearted about such a serious crime as violence. and superficially sexy.

  • Will Gluck – Friends with Benefits

10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

In the 2011 film starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, there is a scene in which the character of the actor and singer makes fun of Scientology, calling it “great science fiction”. The problem is that the film also included Jenna Elfman, one of the brightest representatives of Scientology in Hollywood, who only found out about it after the film’s release, as the director added a scene outside the script. Of course, Gluck said that he sincerely regrets the cruel joke played on the actress.

  • Steven Spielberg – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

The film was supposed to be released in 1978, but, having serious financial problems, Columbia forced the director to finish the work much earlier, releasing the film in 1977. The box office was very high, but, unfortunately, the version made in such a short time did not contain everything that Spielberg had in mind for the film from the very beginning. Thus, the director asked Columbia to film additional scenes, receiving approval on one condition: he would have to shoot footage showing the interior of the spaceship in order to have better material for the film’s publicity. Spielberg did so, but later stated that it was a huge mistake, since the interior of the spacecraft, in his opinion, should have remained a secret.

10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

Remember the famous and horrific scene where Cheryl is literally raped by tree branches? The director stated that he thought it was an “unnecessary and possibly too violent” episode, stating that he regrets shocking his audience in such a disgusting and gratuitous way.

  • Nicholas Meyer – “Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country”

10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

10 Famous Movie Scenes That Directors Regret Making

At the time of its release, the film was a great success with both audiences and critics, but the director was not particularly pleased with all the work he had done. In fact, one scene in particular disturbed him to the point where he regretted filming it: the moment when Spock dives into the mind of Kim Cattrall’s character Valeris, causing her to scream in pain. Meyer said that seeing a character like Spock torturing someone is downright annoying.

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