Drake is ready to release his new album: an incredible cover…

Expectations are rising for Drake’s new album, For All The Dogs, with an exceptional cover.

2023 hasn’t blown all its fireworks yet. One of the most anticipated and striking of them is undoubtedly the publication Drake’s new album the name of which, as the author reported a few weeks ago, For all dogs.

“When I told my son that I was making a record and that the title would be For All the Dogs, he started drawing on a large piece of paper. And I thought it would be great if he did the album cover…”

Drake, new album out

Drake’s son’s name is Adonis. he is five years old, he is a gorgeous blond boy with blue eyes and a huge cascade of curls. She looks a lot more like her mother gorgeous French artist Sophie Brusso than Drake. Father and son are inseparable.

Drake takes it with him to almost every gig, and a few weeks ago he kept it by his side during a boy’s basketball christening: guest Toronto RaptorsDrake’s team is rooting for…

The rapper posted today on his official account the cover of his new and long-awaited album. A drawing of Adonis… a creepy white dog on a black background with long legs and very long erect ears. No teeth… but red eyes.

Whimsical Drake cover created by his 5 year old son Adonis – Photo by @drake Instagram (VelvetMusic.it)

Drake swears that he did not correct or modify his son’s original drawing in any way. In recent days, the announcements and curiosities spread by Drake about his new album have become more and more numerous and interesting, this is just the latest in a series. Although Drake has not yet announced when the disc will be officially released. Probably a couple of weeks.

Work in progress

Already at the end of last month, reporting that the recording of the new album was finally completed, Drake anticipated its title by announcing that the disc, which followed the publication of his collection of poems for several hours, Titles Destroy Everything: Stream of Consciousness would For all dogs.

So, last week in concert, Drake completely blew his audience away… “Today I listened to the whole new record and it’s really good. Too bad I can’t get you to listen to something…” Drake joked with his fans.

Drake with his son Adonis at the Raptors game – Photo by ANSA (VelvetMusic.it)

A few days earlier, Drake had confirmed that the very popular musician would also be collaborating on some songs from the new album. bad rabbitentered the charts only last week and in our country: “It’s been six years since Bunny and I wrote a song together. So I can say yes… we have a song. And you’ll hear it on my next album.” introduced Drake to his Los Angeles audience. And all this without performing a single song.

Tour around the new record

A new record follows Honestly, it doesn’t matterreleased last year. The rapper’s tour continues under the name It’s all a blur these days he’s in LA for a few nights at the gigantic Kia Forum to a full house. His show will run until October and wrap up in Columbus, Ohio for four full months.

stratospheric show, with many guests, above all 21 Savage, who takes the stage with Drake the entire encore part and a very long line-up: almost 50 songs, including a couple of covers Travis Scott and from Rihanna one of his exes, with whom he had a deep friendship.

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