10 Tips and Secrets for Using Google Maps Like a Pro

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Google Maps is one of the most used applications every day by hundreds of users around the world. Its ease of use and interface make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to find a specific address location they need to reach.

You might think you know everything about this app, but the truth is there are tricks and some Google Maps’ Secret Trick This will allow you to use it like a true pro. Do you want to meet them? Don’t stop reading.

design your own map

It’s true that the app already maps almost every place on Earth, but if you need to add more information about a particular place, you can do so. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen and select your website.
  • then click map.
  • A link will appear Create a map: Select areas, add directions, measure distances, and draw lines.

Know your route history

If you activate the location history option, you will be able to know or view the sites you have visited and display the data in a cool timeline. So you can see it, follow these steps:

  • Click the three bars in the upper left corner of the screen, then click Options your schedule.
  • The information will be displayed in a new tab.

can share your location

This is one of the most used Google Maps tricks and secrets because with it you can tell others where to go or find yourself. Simply press on a specific point on the map and select the option to share with the selected app from the drop-down menu.

Know the working hours of transit lines

When you search for directions, you’ll be presented with the option to walk, drive, or take public transport. When choosing public transportation, Google Maps can choose to show you a timeline Destinations can be reached from every available transportation route.

Go to places like gas stations, pharmacies, or restaurants

Another trick and secret of Google Maps is that it lets you find famous places like gas stations or pharmacies, which can be useful if you don’t know the place.for it There are some instant search icons on the interface, Or you can enter a name in the search bar.

check how traffic conditions are

Do you want to know the traffic conditions before you go out? You don’t need to download additional apps, You can see it with Google Maps. To do this, click on the three option bars and select Traffic. It will show you colored lines on the street indicating actual or expected traffic conditions.

Download maps for consultation, no data connection required

Useful for sites with no data to navigate. input options offline map on the menu (when you have an internet connection).Find the area you want, and click freed View offline.

Use the directions feature while driving

Driving a car in GPS mode is great for safety because you don’t have to see your smartphone if you don’t have to listen to instructions. If you set up Google Assistant, you can ask it to use only your voice for orientation and directions.

See also the interior of some locations

Another lesser known trick is Google Maps Allows you to see inside places such as museums or galleries. You will be able to check what it shows you, shopping malls and other websites if they are available in the app.

Provide valuable information such as comments or new routes

In Google Maps, you can write reviews of places you’ve been to help others decide whether to go there. On the other hand, you can share your routes with other people and create new ones.

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