16, as are the stars interviewed by Riccardo Trombetta on Striscia 35.

Among them, the correspondent in Hollywood met: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, right up to Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis. His dream is to become the first Italian action hero, he talked about it with actors and actresses.

There are 16 stars Hollywood What Richard Pipe gave an interview in the 35th issue Delete news. Between them: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, VIN diesel, Michelle Rodriguezup to the Oscars Jamie Lee Curtis. May 26, 2023 was the day of the last service, at least for now. The ambassador went to Rome, to the Colosseum, on the occasion of the presentation Quick X, final chapter saga movie From Fast and Furious. There he interviewed actors Main characters movie. The first ones he intercepted were Charlize Theron AND Jason Statham. Then it was the turn John Cena, to which Trombetta said that two years ago Vin Diesel promised him a role as the first 100% Italian actor in the saga. The correspondent then showed him his pipe, stating that it was a very useful item, but Cena replied, “It’s not afterburner or afterburner.” The actor then advised him to hide it if he ran into Vin Diesel.

Riccardo Trombetta is back with his “friend” Vin Diesel

Continuing his detour, Trombetta met Scott Eastwood and asked him for advice for the part, but he replied, “You don’t need my advice if you’re wearing a jacket like this. You’re amazing, you outshine us all.” Then comes the turn Sung Kang, who reiterated that he thought he deserved the role in the film. Then they are followed Alan Ritchson (who even promised to give him a place in the cast), Louis Leterrier and his “friend” Vin Diesel. He jokingly reproached the latter for not keeping his promise. She then asked him how difficult it was to continue the work of his late colleague. Paul Walker and Diesel replied, “You feel great.” Finally, Trombetta met with Michelle Rodriguez, who greeted her in Italian. Delete news.

Interview with Keanu Reeves near Hollywood on the occasion of the film’s release John Wick 4

March 23 is the date of the interview with Keanu Reeves on the occasion of the release of his new film. John Wick 4the last chapter of the saga of the same name, which began in 2014. In films, the actor played former killer was very afraid. This time Riccardo Trombetta went so far as to Los AngelesNear Hollywood hillsto meet the actor. His mission again was to convince the star to cast him. listening. As the first question, the correspondent asked him if the rumors that this would be the last film in the series were true, and what he would miss the most. Reeves explained to him, “I love Joe Wick, I really enjoy playing him. I loved the experience of making these films. It was the role of my whole life.”

Hollywood and the messenger’s talent for interpreting action scenes

Then the messenger confessed to him that he wanted to be the first italian star belonging action movieand Hollywood, and to convince him of her talent, she showed him a video of her performance in one of go in slow motion. “Beautiful background, glasses … I think your go in slow motion was very effective,” Reeves commented. Finally, to further prove his worth, Trombetta smashed a glass bottle on his forehead and fell to the ground.

Idris Elba and Beast leaving

Instead, the first star of the season was named and interviewed. Idris Elbaon the occasion of the release of the film beast. trombetta met him 1or October, also in Los Angeles. She first asked him if he enjoyed working on this film, which allowed him to simultaneously read and shoot very busy scenes. “That’s the right balance,” he replied, “I think the action in beast not typical for fighters. My character is not a hero at all, he is just a man in a terrible situation.” The reporter then asked him how many of those scenes he filmed alone, and he explained, “A lot, I do a lot! Due to my physique, physical strength and height, it is often easier to shoot scenes without understudy. I don’t mind doing it, on the contrary, I like it.”

Tips for becoming an action actor

Finally, as usual, the messenger asked for help to become actor Action and repeated the trick with the bottle. Elba told him that the scene was good, but also gave him some advice: “The moment you broke it in your head, I didn’t see the pain on your face. And then when you fall… don’t wave your hand next time. You just have to fall.”

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