3 hours from Milan is one of the most beautiful towns in the world

According to the well-known American travel magazine Travel + Leisure, Italy is one of the most beautiful towns in the world. And it’s not even very far from Milan, less than 3 hours by car. Try to guess. Seaside village. Very exclusive. Jennifer Lopez was spotted on vacation with husband Ben Affleck recently. Luxurious boutiques and colorful houses. You have understood? That’s right, we are talking about Portofino.

Portofino, among the most beautiful towns in the world

Glimpse of Portofino
Unsplash/Hector John Periquin

In mid-February, the esteemed Travel + Leisure magazine published a ranking of the most beautiful resorts in the world. What a nice surprise to see that the Ligurian village of Portofino is considered among the most beautiful in the world. To the tenth place in a list of 23 locations. A very coveted and very popular seaside destination near Milan of rare beauty.

The pretty little harbour, the tall pastel-colored houses overlooking the turquoise sea, the natural setting around which embraces the village and the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the promontory on which this jewel is perched, make Portofino a town frequented by many. To make it even more exclusive is not only the beauty of the places but the fact that many celebrities have chosen it as a destination for their holidays, from jennifer lopez, to the Ferragnez, the family Kardashians and as well Dua Lipa.

In short, not even they have remained indifferent to the beauty of this enchantment surrounded by nature overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio.

What to see in Portofino

Portofino sea
Unsplash/Kristine Tanne

Liguria has several beaches that are highly sought after by the Milanese in the summer. Both for the crystal clear sea, for the proximity and for the beauty of the places. Portofino is one of them.

Fishing village where you can experience enchanting moments. From the regional park of Portofino with its luxuriant nature and its view of the sea, perfect for outdoor activities, to Castello Brown from which you can enjoy a spectacular view, then the small square in the centre, the very characteristic colored houses and the Church of St. George.

But Portofino is also popular for its beaches, the countless sea activities, the exclusive clubs and the view that can be enjoyed in some points, such as from the Terrace of the Belmond hotel from which you can taste great food and an incredible panorama!

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