Selena Gomez without makeup is simply radiant

Selena Gomez he puts his face on it. Whether it’s breaking taboos around burning issues like depression, weight and autoimmune disease or show up on social media naturallywithout makeup and without filters, Selena Gomez does not hold back.

On his Instagram page they appeared 2 selfies in no make-up version in which we can admire the radiant skin of the former Disney starlet, 30 years. Quoting the song of colleague Miley Cyrus Violet ChemistrySelena Gomez smiles at the camera. Long dark chocolate hair loose on her shoulderswearing a tank top with a deep neckline, the singer and actress reminds us that behind the patina *__glamorous __*as a Hollywood star lies a sensitive young woman. Who, we add, has always kept a lot of the classic girl next door.

As for her skin, if it is true that at the age of 30 one is still lucky enough to possess excellent quantities of collagen and hyaluronic acid, Selena Gomez it reminds us that youth capital prevention is everything. Very passionate about skincare, the American artist pampers her skin a lot. A while back, she showcased some of her favorite products on TikToklike Mario Badescu’s rose toner and Dermalogica hydrating serum. And for make-up, of course, she draws on her brand’s range of products Rare Beauty. Starting with primer, concealer and foundation, her must-haves for an effective beauty look feel good.

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