5 Times Celebrities Speak Out Against Deepfakes Using Artificial Intelligence

Deepfakes have become a growing problem online, with many celebrities and influencers facing fake scams and, in more sinister cases, NSFW material.

For those who are blissfully unaware, a deepfake is a piece of content that has been digitally altered, often without causing concern. They are often used with malicious intent to gain financial gain or spread false information.

The surge in deepfakes has prompted many famous people to come forward and speak out, including MrBeast and Tom Hanks:

Martin Lewis

The nation’s favorite money-saving expert has issued a warning about a “disgraceful” scam that could see vulnerable people lose money.

Lewis said people are using the technology to “pervert and destroy” his reputation and deceive people.

In an ad that circulated online earlier this year, Lewis endorses an investment scheme backed by Elon Musk.

“Musk’s new project opens up new opportunities for British citizens. No project has ever given such opportunities to the inhabitants of the country,” says the footage of the AI ​​version of Lewis.

The real Lewis later told the BBC that “it’s very frightening.”

He continued: “These people are trying to twist and destroy my reputation to steal money from vulnerable people and frankly it’s disgraceful and people will lose money and their mental health will suffer.”

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A popular YouTuber took to X/Twitter to talk about a deepfake video that went viral online.

“A lot of people are seeing my deepfake scam ads… are social media platforms ready to handle the rise of AI-powered deepfakes? This is a serious problem,” he wrote on the platform.

MrBeast has included a clip circulating online that shows an AI version of himself saying he’s giving away iPhones.

“You are one of 10,000 lucky people who will receive an iPhone 15 Pro for just $2,” the deceptive video said. “I’m MrBeast and I’m participating in the world’s biggest iPhone 15 giveaway.”

Tom Hanks

Hanks was forced to issue a warning due to a fake ad promoting a dental plan using his presence.

In an Instagram post, Hank shared a screenshot of the ad with the text overlaid: “WARNING! There is a video promoting some dental plan with my version of AI. I have nothing to do with this.”

Nicki Minaj

In a much milder incident, the rapper was featured on ITV. Deep fake neighbor wars.

The program featured an AI version of Minaj and her “husband” Tom Holland. Returning home from their honeymoon, they found Mark Zuckerberg intruder in their living room.

The plot is based on an online rumor that Minaj and Holland were dating and expecting a child in 2019. Then the actor joked: Esq: “It actually upset me a lot… and then I realized I had never met Nicki Minaj. It was a big relief for me because I’m not ready to have children.”

She wrote: “HELP!!! What is this conspiracy theory about cloning changing shape of AI?!?!! I hope the entire internet gets deleted!!!”

Streamer Sweet Anita

Meanwhile, popular streamer Sweet Anita was horrified to learn that she had been the subject of deepfake porn without her consent.

“It has the same consequences as revenge porn, and now I will live with those consequences for choices I never made,” Sweet Anita said. ITV.

The streamer said the situation had left her “tired” and had increased her safety concerns.

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