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Cameron Diaz was born August 30, 1972 in San Diego, California to paternal Cuban parents (as the surname suggests) and maternal English and German ancestors. As a teenager, Cameron began modeling, signing a contract with the prestigious Elite agency.

First steps into the world of cinema

It was the Elite agent who recommended to the film producers the name of the then 21-year-old Cameron Diaz. Mask-From Zero to Myth (1994): The film is a huge success, and thanks to the performance of comedy legend Jim Carrey, it gives a great start to the career of Cameron, who quickly established himself as the new sex symbol of Hollywood; However, with undeniable beauty, she combines a carefree and self-deprecating spirit that prefers very corporal and farcical comedy.

Then the neo-actress continues her career in some independent and under-screened filmsmostly black comedies like chorus Almost perfect dinner (1995) Two husbands for one wedding (1996) with Keanu Reeves deep water (1996) with Harvey Keitel exaggerated life (1997) Danny Boyle and sentimental Ewan McGregor. feeling of love (1996) co-produced with Edward Burns and Jennifer Aniston.

The Mask (1994) trailer

The Mask (1994) trailer

Comic actress initiation

A breakthrough film Cameron Diaz career my best friend’s wedding (1997), named one of the best romantic comedies of all time; she is young Kimmy, love rival of Julia Roberts; she manages to keep up with her colleague, already an accomplished diva, in a potentially risqué role that must be able to win over the public.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) Trailer

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) Trailer

a role that finally consecrates him this is the hero of the protagonist Mad about Mary (1998), a foul-mouthed comedy by the Farrelly brothers that immediately became a cult hit, some scenes from which are still remembered (primarily the one associated with a certain hairstyle) and which gives the actress nominated for a Golden Globe.

Something About Mary (1998) trailer

Something About Mary (1998) trailer

Among his comedies, which have become cult, there are The sweetest thing (2002), a spicy story of three friends, also featuring some insanely memorable scenes in which Cameron plays alongside Christina Applegate and Selma Blair.
In her place – If I were her (2005) is instead a family comedy with more bittersweet tones about the relationship between two sisters (her and Toni Collette), to which newfound grandmother Shirley MacLaine is added.
Has a great success with the public Love doesn’t go on vacation (2006), a classic Nancy Meyers romantic comedy featuring a double couple, where Cameron plays the role of a heartbroken trailer editor who, during the Christmas holidays, decides to trade his house for a cottage in the English countryside with a star actor. a cast that also includes Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black; stay in the romantic comedy genre with Good night in Vegas (2008), in which he stars alongside Ashton Kutcher, this release is also a big hit with audiences but less critical success, while the ensemble comedy achieves more modest results. What expect when you expect (2012), based on the pregnancy book series of the same name, in which she is a dancer and television personality who unexpectedly discovers she is pregnant.
The actress then joins Colin Firth in a crime comedy. Gambit – Master Scam (2012), a remake of a film from the 60s that had a theatrical release here, but, for example, in the US it never made it to theaters.
Diaz is then the protagonist of some more poignant and politically incorrect comedies such as Bad teacher is bad teacher (2011) Everyone is against him – Another woman (2014), e Finished sex video online (2014).

What to expect when you give birth? Trailer

What to expect when you give birth?  Trailer

Cameron Diaz and fighting roles

There is no shortage of Cameron Diaz’s career, I action movie in which he gives free rein to his physical enthusiasm: The actress, along with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, is one of the main characters of the film. Charlie’s Angels (2000), bringing to the cinema the eponymous and very popular series of the 70s; the film was a major commercial success and also spawned a sequel. Charlie’s Angels – More Than Ever (2003), despite not being well received by critics; There was also talk of a third film, which, however, was then finally canceled, preferring, as we know, a reboot.
Diaz will next be joining Tom Cruise in an action comedy. Innocent lie (2010), in the cast Green Hornet (2011) with Seth Rogen reprising an impromptu superhero look Green Hornet already the protagonist of radio, television and comics.

Charlie’s Angels (2000) Trailer

Charlie's Angels (2000) Trailer

Interpretations as a dramatic actress

Although Cameron Diaz is usually associated with comedies, it was also often appreciated in more serious and dramatic roles: technically Being John Malkovich (1999) Spike Jonze is a rather grotesque and surreal film, but she, as the wife of John Cusack, appears almost unrecognizable in the film, agreeing to distort and disguise her appearance, thereby also earning nomination for the Gold Award globe; Diaz’s next director will be Oliver Stone in the sports drama. Every damn Sunday (1999), as a young American football team owner, is among the protagonists of an all-female ensemble drama. What I know about her (2000). One of his lesser known films Seeming truth (2001), a drama in yellow tones, in which she is the character around whom the entire plot revolves, a girl who mysteriously disappeared during a trip, followed by her younger sister in search of answers. Then Cameron gets a minor but important role from which she earns new Golden Globe nominationV Vanilla Sky (2001) alongside Tom Cruise, a film that received mixed reviews but was a big hit with the public. Another Golden Globe nomination comes to the role of thief Jenny in the epic Gangs of New York (2002) by Martin Scorsese, an epic about the birth of modern New York, in which his character is opposed by two antagonists, Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis. Among his most dramatic films My sister’s keeper (2009), a family story in which she plays the mother of a girl with leukemia while plunging into the psychological thriller genre with Box (2009) with James Marsden, based on a science fiction short story by Richard Matheson, which, however, produces modest results. The crime thriller received a lower rating than expected, especially considering that it features big names. Advisor – advocate (2013) Ridley Scott written by Cormac McCarthy and an all-star cast.

Latest projects

After the musical Annie – Happiness is contagious (2014), in which she stars alongside Jamie Foxx, in 2014 Diaz announces that she wants to play A break during work, tired from too many trips, and after a while, rumors began to circulate about her decision to “retire”; So in the years that followed, Cameron devoted himself to other projects, like publishing a couple of books about body acceptance and aging, launching an organic wine line, and taking care of his family with the birth of his first daughter. However, it is Jamie Foxx who convinces her to return to the camera for the comedy. Back in actionwhich will be distributed by Netflix and also features Glenn Close: however, filming of the film was marred by a number of production issues, most recently Fox himself being hospitalized for an as-yet-unspecified cause. emergency medical care.

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