A woman is free (even for betrayal), and drama is violence.

All we needed was a court of public morality. The one organized by a Turin financier who saw fit to humiliate his fiancee during a pre-wedding party. But he is not an ordinary person, wounded by feelings. He is a man from another time. He is almost a saint in his narcissistic imagery. He did not stoop to what others would do because, in his words, “I wouldn’t touch a woman except with a flower.” He directly set a trap in which she, defenseless, was humiliated for betraying him.

this is violence

We don’t turn around. When one person forces another to undergo public mortification, and it spreads on social media, bringing down the ax of moral condemnation of the entire society, this fact has only one name: violence. And let it be clear that with the reversed parts, the same considerations apply to me. I say this because many egotistical boys are raising the issue that troubled singer Shakira and ex-footballer Gerard Piqué in a clumsy attempt to show the hypocrisy of those who agreed with the Colombian artist. But let me tell you one thing: when a famous football player leaves his girlfriend (world famous singer) for another woman (model), he is a hero for everyone; However, in a strange case where there was a woman on the advertising posters, we also witnessed cases of suicide. For which, at least, a sweet silence has never been written about this.

Human rights defenders (when it suits them)

So a man who organizes a party to punish his girlfriend for cheating on him disgusts me. And in the degradation of social networks, I am disgusted even in the face of those gentlemen who are always for rights, against racism, against fascism, against discrimination. Always ready to stand up for the weak, except when it comes to a woman anointed with sin.

If even glorified civil rights advocates indulge in glorification of the most sophisticated gender-based violence, it means that machismo and patriarchy are deeply ingrained, more emphasized than ever by those who now only pay attention to what breeds conflict and blood in private life. other. This is proof that tougher punishments for gender-based violence are useless and the only thing left to do is to follow the path of cultural change, giving a good kick to the reality TV system.

Cheating is not illegal

Meanwhile, faced with the resurgence of the Holy Inquisition, it is necessary to reiterate that betrayal is still legal. Women are free, and until Italy becomes a theocracy, they are free to love whoever they want, when they want, and as many people as they want. First of all, she is free to betray without being tested by the morality of the collective police, and not even a single man is allowed to judge her. However, retribution is unacceptable, which in the case of the female victim is expressed in only one way: to make her look morally dubious by destroying her image.

And so, to the Turin financier, who even had the audacity to say “don’t think that it’s nice for me to look like a cuckold,” we explain that we all went through disappointment in love. The difference between us and him is that he decided to humiliate this woman, he chose the suffering of revenge, cloaked in feigned gallantry. We preferred to seriously respect the choice of the other. Without revenge, we let her go, of course, with pain, but between tears and silence at home, where personal affairs should always remain.

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