Age of Beyoncé: her birthday is coming soon

Age of Beyoncé this, of course, as they say, is just a number. There american singerwhich for more than twenty-five years has made viewers from all over the world dream memorable concerts And unique eventsLooks like he made a pact with the devil.

There passion for singing he has accompanied her since she was a child, and her real career begins when she is a little more than a teenager; from that moment to climbing in the international rankings and receiving countless prestigious awards and recognitions, the step was small. beyoncéamong other things, is the artist who received the most Grammy Award, 32.

Age of Beyoncé: her birthday is coming soon

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carterknown simply as beyoncé, was born in 1981, September 4, in Houston, Texas, in the USA.; hence dI am American by nationality and astrological sign Virgin. It is 41 today and is preparing to close in a few days. 42 candles.

beyoncé, though uncommon, is his real name, and his mother spoke of a curiosity that caused it; this is her maiden name, which she decided to transform into the name of her daughter, and, most likely, in the end this feature benefited the singer. sister too SolangeMoreover, he decided to pursue a career in the world of music.

beyoncé always loved to sing; distinguished from elementary school, St. Mary’s Elementary School in Texas, where he plays the main roles in numerous shows, sings and dances. One seven years wins singing reality show, nine years change schools and go to Parker Elementary School in Houston, known for teaching music, and joined the choir. In the same period, he met at an audition Latavia Robertson and on the advice of his father Matthewrecord manager, with her forms his cousin Kelly Rowland AND LeToya Luckettin the first period there were actually six of them), a musical group, girly time. The father begins to take over the managerial part of the project, and the mother, a stylist, creates stage costumes.

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When did Beyoncé become famous?

If you were to indicate the year in which beyoncé will gain popularity, it will, of course, be 1997in the age of loneliness 16 years. His group last year changed its name to Destiny childthe first tour begins and in 1997 debut single “Killing time” is released, which becomes the soundtrack to the film Men in Black.

Album The writing is on the wall belonging 1999topped the charts, sold seven million copies and produced hits such as “Accounts, Accounts, Accounts” AND “Say my name”, which contributed to the consecration of the group’s popularity. However, the formation continues to undergo changes due to various internal disputes and in 2000 That Destiny child I beyoncé, Kelly Rowland AND Michelle Williams.

After other international successes, beyoncé starts a solo career in 2003with the release of the debut album Dangerously fell in love; single “Love struck” in collaboration with Jay Z became a worldwide success, another step that has made her today one of the most influential figures in the world of music in general and pop culture in particular. Since then, success after success, the fan base has grown exponentially along with his popularity; “Single Ladies”, “Halo”, “Beautiful Liars” AND “If I were a boy”are just some of the most famous karaoke and radio songs.

Beyoncé is not just alone song’s author AND dancer (his performances on stage are amazing), but alsoactress film and television, one music produceras well asbeauty and charm icon; celebrity support clothing lines, perfumes and the protagonist of commercials, was named sexiest woman on the planet. Beyoncé will age this year 42 yearsand continues to display an energy that makes the youngest jealous.

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Beyoncé’s personal life

beyoncé she is married from 2008 With rappers and producer Jay Z, after a story that began at the beginning of the new millennium, which was initially tried to be kept secret. But prudence and confidentiality, unfortunately, is difficult to achieve when dealing with such famous personalities (if Beyoncé is the queen of pop, Jay Z it could be considered king of rap).

Today Beyoncé and Jay-Z represent one of the most powerful and richest couples in show business AND beyoncé often shares special moments of his family life, in which they are depicted together with three children: Blue Ivywas born in year 2012and twins Rumi AND Sir Carterwas born in 2017.

Speaking about the personal life of the singer, one cannot fail to mention her active social activities and participation in numerous humanitarian causes. beyoncéIndeed, several statements charitable initiatives aimed at promoting, for example, racial equality, equality for women and the right to education.

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