“American Horror Story”: a tender poster with Emma Roberts has been released

fans American Horror Story looking forward to the upcoming 12th season titled “Delicate“, for various reasons, including the return of the star Emma Roberts on the show after a long absence. While several teasers and photos have provided a glimpse into the new season, the new poster heralds a haunting and nightmarish look at motherhood and pregnancy.

In the traditional style American Horror Storythis poster is not a direct reflection of the plot, but only an awakening interpretation of the tone of the new season. American Horror Story: Delicacy debuts on FX on September 20th.

In the new season we also find Cara Delevingne AND Kim Kardashian, both new to the series. Also new for the long-running series is that the upcoming season is based on a story that is not an original creation. Ryan Murphy. It’s actually based on a novel delicate condition From Daniel Valentine who told Entertainment Weekly:

“Basically, this is a horror novel about pregnancy. This is a novel that explores not only the actual physical brutality of pregnancy, but also the medical gaslighting that even highly privileged modern women experience during pregnancy, and symptoms that I think are like a culture that we still don’t talk about. causes.

Valentina herself quoted not only Rosemary’s baby as a source of inspiration for history, but also alienswhat better way to explain the visuals of this new poster, in which the image of a pregnant woman merges into a monstrous creature.

“(Alien) is indeed a film about pregnancy, but it is written by a person who does not understand what he is writing about. This is what happens when a man thinks, “What’s the scariest thing I can think of?” And this is the idea of ​​what happens if this being grows inside of you that uses your resources to get bigger and you can’t control it? He has his own mind, and one day he bursts out of you in this terrible bloody mess. When I first saw it as a child, it never crossed my mind that pregnancy was basically like this, but at six months pregnant, I thought, “Wow! It’s a story about pregnancy without pregnancy.” It was the seed.”

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