Andy Muschietti May Have Hinted About His Future At DC

The film sees the return of Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight, which he previously played in two of Tim Burton’s Batman films.

glitter The latest feature film directed by Andy Muschietti ,This, Mother) which brings to the big screen a new adventure of the famous sprinter DC House, barry allen (also known as Flash) whose face is ezra miller ,Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them We Are Infinite, Specifically, within the project, the protagonist, in order to save his mother, would mess up the dimensions, creating a parallel reality in which normal amount ,Michael Shannon), in the absence of the meta-humans, is managing to conquer our planet. To defeat such a terrible villain, our hero will be helped by two Batman or embodied by Michael Keaton (appeared in films dedicated to dark Knight Of Tim Burton) and from ben affleckwhich is the most recent.

glitter A non-fixed version was presented at Comicon in Naples.

Flash Trailer

The filmmaker behind this… shine, So, within the film, he’ll have the opportunity to direct two different Batmans, which is truly an incredible honor, though, obviously, not the only one left to this CinĂ©comic. recently talking to reporter Josh K. Elliot (as shared by personal twitter profile), the reporter pointed out that in this case the writer found himself inheriting Snyder’s and Burton’s Batmans, but apparently the words Muschietti added spice to the story.

“Oh, it’s… I don’t think I can talk about it… yet”

We obviously don’t have certainty of that, but the director glitter It seems that perhaps, in the future, he will personally take care of another Batman from the DC universe considering that there is a next feature film on the character. the brave and the Bold This could be a project directed by Andy Muschietti. Obviously we invite you to take this statement with a grain of salt as nothing is certain yet, with the film still completely shrouded in mystery.

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