Ariana Grande on Botox: “I used it, but now I want to see my wrinkles”

Through video on Vogue magazine’s Instagram page., Ariana Grande told her story revealing some very personal things about himself.

He spoke, in particular, about relationship with beautyabout how he lives it, as well as confessing I used fillers and Botox, although now I regret this choice a little.

Whatever makes a person beautiful, I support it. – he declared – But I feel like for me, accessing certain settings has become something wrong. Now I want to see my well-deserved lines of crying and laughter.

Mistakes are also due to young age: “it’s really hard to know what’s worth listening to and what’s not… I was only 17 when I started tuning and I didn’t really know what I was doing“.

Previously, she saw makeup as a way to hide parts of herself, but now as something that could highlight what she already has and what she likes.

There the recognition was a great success among fansboth in content and sincerity.

For some time, the singer tried to raise awareness of her subscribers on the topic of accepting beauty and harmonious relationships with oneself.not as a search for a stereotype of perfection, but as a love for who you are.

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