Armocromia: the woman of the spring season

dhen we talk about color harmony (a poor decade) we never stop playing to guess our season or that of our friends. Here are the characteristics of spring women

Light complexion, bright eyes and light brown to red hair: this is the identikit of the spring woman according to the color scheme. A season that is characterized by the brightness of its colors tend to be lightbut never like those of the summer woman.

The colors of the spring season of color matching

How to understand if you belong to the spring season? A metaphor that can come in handy is the one referring to spring season landscape. If we think of nature, the former colors of spring that come to mind are the warm and luminous nuances trees in bloom and lush meadows (the red of the flowers and the green of the plants). As for the sky, in spring it is decidedly blue, and generally the whole environment is lit by the brilliant light of the sun. Overall, the image is vivid, like that of actress Jessica Chastain, a clear example of the spring woman of color harmony.

Jessica Chastain, an example of an armocromia spring woman

In the same way as the spring landscape, the woman of the spring season has in color tone bright colors of eyes, hair and complexion. Basically hot. The element to seize on the fly in order not to make a mistake? The color of the eyes! Typically, the spring woman has light eyes, paired with a warm undertone complexion and light brown, red, or golden-blonde hair. If her eyes were to be dark, we would be facing a woman of the autumn season.

Cara Delenvingne, an example of a spring color harmony woman

The characteristics of the spring woman

In summary, the spring woman is characterized by these chromatic elements:

  • Eyes: blue, green, blue-green, amber
  • Hair: reds, golden blondes, honey blondes, light browns
  • Complexion: clear with warm undertones, tends to tan easily becoming golden or biscuit.

Contrast, value and undertone

In addition to the color of the eyes and hair, the other elements for identifying the spring woman of color harmony are those referred toimage as a whole. To be clear, we refer to the contrast between the colors, to the value chiaroscuro color mix and skin undertone.

Starting from the last element, the Skin undertone of spring woman’s complexion is warmi.e. it tends towards beige, even when it is very light. In the latter case, it will be ivory. If you sunbathe, your tan will always be golden, even when it’s only slightly hinted at. To get an idea of ​​the undertone of the armocromia spring woman, nothing better than observing the stars. Below, actress Margot Robbie.

Margot Robbie, an example of an armochrome spring woman.

For contrast, instead, we mean the impact that eye and hair colors have on the complexion. In the spring season of color harmony, the contrast is quite intense, and for this reason it is defined as high.
Another important element is the overall color value, i.e. whether they are light or dark. The spring season has a clear value, as can be seen from the images of the stars in this article. Below, actress Emma Stone.

Emma Stone, an example of an armocromia spring woman.

In summary:

  • Undertone of the complexion: heat.
  • Value: light (it is the complex of colors at a glance, i.e. whether they are light or dark).
  • Contrast and intensity: high, with various gradations. The colors of the eyes, hair and complexion are quite contrasting with each other, although they tend to be clear.

Top model Barbara Palvin, an example of an armocromia spring woman

What colors are good for the spring season?

In makeup, the colors to consider for the spring woman are those of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. Very generally, all warm, bright and bright colors are fine. Green light, therefore, for lipsticks in shades of coral and peach pink. The same goes for the fard. As for eyeshadows, the choice can range from terracotta to bronze, from teal to turquoise.

The colors of makeup for the spring woman

Here is a list to have clear in mind the make-up shades that enhance a spring woman.

  • Lipsticks: coral, pink peach or salmon, nakedred (warm), orange hues.
    Blushes: peach pink, biscuit.
  • Eyeshadows: bronze, gold, ochre, golden brown, champagne, hot pink, bright turquoise, bright green, purple (in case of green eyes).

Kate Middleton, an example of an armochrome spring woman

The subcategories of the spring woman

Each color harmony season is divided into further sub-seasons, by virtue of the predominance of certain elements, such as the overall value of the chromatic mix or the intensity of its contrasts. Let’s look at them briefly:

  • Absolute spring: it is also called pure spring, and it is the woman who has all the characteristics, i.e. high contrast, clear value and warm undertone. Her eyes are always clear, her hair blond but warm, and her complexion with warm undertones. Blake Lively is an example of an absolute spring woman.

Blake Livley, an example of an absolute spring woman

  • clear or light spring: in this case the shades of the hair are lighter, but always remain golden. An ideal example is actress Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson, an example of a clear spring woman.

  • hot spring or warm: it contains all the warmest and golden shades of this season: the hair is generally light brown, warm blond or natural red, while the eyes can be blue-green or hazel.

Taylor Hill, an example of a hot spring woman.

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