Willem Dafoe got 20 times by Emma Stone to shoot a scene of And

One of Emma Stone’s next films will be And, a film whose details have not yet been revealed, but which see her collide with Willem Dafoe. The actor, in order to be able to shoot a scene of the film in a convincing way, was slapped 20 times by his colleague.

What would an actor be willing to do to get the perfect scene? We don’t know what everyone would answer, of course, but Willem Dafoe he let himself be slapped as many as 20 by Emma Stone and for a sequence in which, apparently, he did not even appear.

Willem Dafoe and those 20 slaps by Emma Stone…

The last film of the actress dates back to 2021 with Cruella, but soon we will see her in two projects, signed by Yorgos Lanthimos and in both Stone will find himself sharing the scene with Willem Dafoe. The first film is called Poor Thingsa story that mixes Frankenstein-like atmospheres and themes, in which Stone plays a woman whose brain is replaced by that of her unborn child. The second film is Andbut at the moment the details on the plot and on the cast – except for the two actors mentioned – have not yet been revealed.

And it is precisely for a scene of And That Emma Stone he had to slap 20 times Willem Dafoeas reported by an article in The New York Times in which journalists retraced the actor’s career and cited the famous 20 slaps for a scene, in which, however, Dafoe does not appear at all. He spoke out on the matter Lanthimos who praised the work ethic of Dafoestating:

“That’s what you want from actors, that they want to be a part of the project in every way.”

Also Stone he stated that his colleague has an instinct for acting that leads him to cancel his ego and not try to emerge at any cost:

“A lot of actors have this tendency, that kind of performance that screams ‘look at me, look at me.’ “we”.”

Currently, nor for Poor Thingsnor for And a possible release date has been revealed, but we hope to be able to see them soon at the cinema and find out what the partnership can offer us Lanthimos-Stone-Dafoe.

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