Barbie, Lebanon and Kuwait censor film: ‘It promotes homosexuality’

According to two Arab countries, Greta Gerwig’s film, an adaptation of Mattel’s famous fashion doll series, is contrary to the values ​​of faith and morality. It is reported by Variety.

Lebanon and Kuwait censor “Barbie” (ALL NEWS), according to Variety. According to two Arab countries, Greta Gerwig’s film with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, an adaptation of Mattel’s famous line of fashion dolls, promotes homosexuality and therefore goes against the values ​​of faith and morality. “The film goes against the moral and religious values ​​of Lebanon, encourages perversion and gender transformation. At the same time, he rejects patriarchy and ridicules the role of mothers,” said Lebanese Culture Minister Mohammad Mortada.

requests for local censorship

Result Barbie It was originally scheduled for the Middle East on July 19, two days ahead of the rest of the world. Now it seems that the new date, also for Saudi Arabia, will be August 31st and not August 10th as previously announced. Local censors are asking for changes to LGBTQ+ dialogue. So far, the film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling has already crossed the billion mark in worldwide box office (Barbie also overwhelmed the box office in Italy with €16.7 million in revenue.).

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Barbie, all Greta Gerwig film recordings


Barbie already destined to go down in film history, and not just through a massive pink-tinted ad campaign or colossal box office success. The film, in addition to breaking and smashing numerous records, actually celebrates the fashion and trends of summer 2023 strongly. Everything from clothing choices to themed parties is now pink: Selena Gomez herself, dressed and made in pink, on the occasion of her 31st birthday organized a special screening of the film Barbie. But this is not the only star who follows the fashion of the moment: too John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, dressed as Barbie and Ken, spent the holidays with their kids at the “Barbie house” in Malibu, a property that mimics movie scripts starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie. Movie Barbienot only conquering cinemas around the world, but also established itself as the phenomenon of the moment.

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Barbie, 10 memorable (pink) images from Margot Robbie

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