Billie Eilish teaches us to grow faster

bIlly Eilish Gives Us Another Upstream Style Lesson That’s Already Super Viral

Have you ever thought that you can speed up hair growth? Probably not, but Billie Eilish thanks her for the last dump, teaches us that it is possible! American singer with her daring beauty looks and influence over the years has given us non-conformist and unconventional teachings about style, confirming that style is primarily a matter of personality.

And a personality singer Bad guy he definitely has something to sell! From maxi curtain fringes in neon green to pointed haircut and volumes in style eightiesBillie Eilish, all the way down to the stark blonde Marilyn Monroe and her iconic 2017 lavender purple color of the year, has always loved to play with cut and color, and she has done so by eliminating some imperative dictates and reinventing her look, always different, original and copied over and over again. . .

Increased regrowth with a bright nuance

And here it is again this time manages to create a trend out of nothing which we are sure will be a catalyst for many of you. Incredibly strawberry and super original, Billie Eilish teaches us that regrowth is not a flaw to hide, but a property to be improved. In an era when gray smooth transition customs cleared to a large extent, customs cleared – this is also a regrowth that not only does not hide, but is exalted.

How? Evaluating it through bright color in contrast with the rest of the hairjust like our beloved Billy. The shades you chose? Base jet black which emphasizes his ivory complexion, gorgeous blue eyes and red with strawberry tint for the regrowth part. Result?

grunge, punk and against the current! The hair becomes the absolute hero and showcases bold contrasts, perfect for those who love to play with their looks and experiment with your hairstyle without having to fall under strict beauty rules. Billie Eilish teaches us that personality is our most powerful weapon and that our image, if it can fully reflect it, can only benefit from it. 10 and praise!

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