Jennifer Lopez and paparazzi Ben Affleck on a bike: “Live meme”

Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck they are one of the most talked about show business couples of recent times. In fact, they often appear in public at film or at least fashion events, but they are also the paparazzi when they are together. It is in these cases that the actor (according to users) social) will try his best in terms of expressions or attitude: video Fine slamming the car door she had just entered jennifer. Over the past few hours, they have been photographed enjoying their way out of the house. bike.

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Jennifer Lopez, forced to wait outside the gym (1 minute), is furious with the paparazzi: “Fuck you!”

family walk

Jennifer Lopez she just turned 54 and photos of the exclusive party and her dancing on the tables and laughing with the guests went around the world. After her birthday, the singer immediately returned to work and, in addition to music and filming in films, managed to find time for her family. Jailo she was paparazzi with her husband Ben Affleck and her daughter Emmawhile enjoying a bike ride. However, what caught the attention of users was definitely the facial expression of the actor, who looked tired and very exhausted. Many wondered if this “mood” was due to pedal fatigue or something else.

Fan Comments

When the pictures they portray Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on a bike appeared on social media, some users commented: “He memes alive, there’s nothing to be done”, “Someone give Ben a bike of the exact size … He will have less effort if he can stretch his legs” or again “Someone lift this poor fellow’s saddle.”

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