Bird Box: Barcelona Netflix Movie Trailer

Mario Casas will play Sebastian alongside Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva as Claire and Octavio.

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Following the success of Sandra Bullock’s film as one of the most viewed on the platform, Netflix will distribute Bird Box: Barcelona. The film will expand the universe of the story, set in a post-apocalyptic future.

bird box: barcelonatrailer

Alex AND David pastor staged and wrote the script for Bird Box: Barcelona. Mario Casas will be the protagonist of the long-awaited thriller, the official trailer for which Netflix (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the Now Smart Stick app) has distributed.

The Spanish actor will play Sebastian with her. georgina Campbell AND Diego Bald starring Claire and Octavio; Mario Casas is one of the most beloved faces of Spanish cinema, winning Best Actor at the Goya Awards for cross the line.

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Bird Box: Barcelona will be an extension bird box with Sandra Bullock as Malory. In this new movie, the protagonist will be the Spanish city in which the story will take place, and its characters, among which Sebastian, are busy finding a way to escape.

Netflix Italia circulated the synopsis in the caption of a teaser published on YouTube: “When a mysterious force wipes out the world’s population, Sebastian must embark on a path of salvation through the deserted streets of Barcelona. As he forges uneasy alliances with other survivors and makes his way to the sanctuary, an unexpected threat appears, far more sinister than the creatures ever seen.


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Birdbox: Barcelona will appear on the streaming platform (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and through the application on the Now Smart Stick) in a few weeks, to be exact Friday 14 July.

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