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Noah Cyrus at the Off-White show in Paris in March 2023.Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

If in music he always made an alternative choice, then far from common clichescollaborating with artists such as Danish Mo and rapper (now deceased) XXXTentacioneven his personal life tends to break stereotypes: from the age of 13, he actually fights for animal rights, peta support and a call for a boycott of American SeaWorld water parks. Environmentally committed, she also wants to convey important messages through her lyrics: songs like Sadness, July AND Lonely they face with intensity and honesty his mental discomfort, do not be ashamed to deal with topics such as anxiety, depression and panic attacks. At times, he’s also referred to a relationship with his sister Miley, which has often been portrayed as conflicted despite the fact that – especially recently – the two have surfaced. very cohesive and cohesive.

In fact, Noah Cyrus’s dialectic, more than that of his older and more famous sister, is expressed in the problems of his own life. relationship with fame. In song young and sad he will write: “My sister is like sunshine / Always brings good light wherever she goes / And I was born to rain clouds / Blessed in her shadows.” More than just a family standoff, it’s a celebrity conflict relationship from a very young age, and with continued exposure to online hate: At some point, she had to shut down comments on her social media to avoid being spiteful, even from her sister’s fans, who misunderstood the (in their opinion, lack of) rapport between them.

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