Brawn GP Documentary Series Coming Soon: First Photos

25.08.2023 15:00:00

Brawn GP Documentary Series Coming Soon: First Photos

The hype in the media about Formula 1 continues.. Following the success of Drive to Survive, many online platforms have decided to invest in automotive-themed films; by far the most talked about film is coming to Apple+ starring Brad Pitt and producing Lewis Hamilton. To make it even more realistic, the actor took to the track at Silverstone in a modified Formula 2 car, and there was even a fake telemetry garage in the paddock.

To keep up with its rival, Disney Plus also wanted to focus on a docu-series, this time focusing on a great sports story: Brawn GP World Championship. Today, the first photos were published online showing Jenson Button sitting in his winning car and talking to the famous actor. Keanu Reevesfeatured here as narrator and producer.

Brown; Formula 1 team for one pound”, as the series is called, will take the viewer through exclusive interviews with 2009 world champion Ross Brown and other people working on the single-seat car, as well as show unpublished material, in just four episodes. There is no release date yet, but the final product is expected to hit small screens in late 2023.

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