Britney Spears wants to get closer to her father after breaking up with Sam Asgari: he is sick

Britney Spears after breaking up with Sam Asgari would try to get closer to her father Jamie, who would be sick. The indiscretion comes from TMZ, which listened to a source: “Britney doesn’t want regrets, she fears remorse for having waited too long.”

Britney Spears after filing for divorce Sam Asgari arrived a year and two months after the wedding, she thought about getting closer to her father Jamie. After the end of custody, in 2021, the artist accused him of abuse and wanted to see him in prison for depriving her of her freedom: now that he is sick, we read on TMZ, she would like to be with him, so that no regrets in the future.

Indiscretion towards Britney Spears and her father Jamie

Sources told TMZ that Britney Spears is trying to make amends with her father Jamie: the tabloid reports that the artist, who is single after breaking up with Sam Asgari, learned about the man’s health thanks to her brother Brian, the only one who continues a relationship with him after graduation from the conservatory. “He does not want regrets, he is afraid of remorse for having waited too long” a person close to Spears would state who, according to what we read, would already be looking for him.

Britney wouldn’t have found a closed door on the other side: Jamie Spears, the source explained, never held a grudge against her daughter and would have been “euphoric” at the thought of being able to press her back close.

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Jamie Spears health status

The idea to get close to Britney was born after the news about the state of health of Jamie Spears, who during this period will come and go from the hospital. On Friday, according to TMZ, the man is expected to undergo another operation: doctors thought he had a kidney problem, but found a dangerous infection in his previously operated knee. “He lost over 25 kg, he lost a lot of weight” and the only one who will remain close to him among the family members will be his son Brian, who recently spent time with him at home.

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