California deputy governor asks Taylor Swift not to speak

Some of California’s most famous politicians have asked Taylor Swift From postpone his L.A. concertsin solidarity with the striking hotel workers.

In particular, Deputy Governor of California, Democrat Eleni Kunalakisalong with a dozen officials signed a petition to put pressure on Swift, a true icon of world music.

It is hoped that by postponing his speeches, he will be able to draw attention to the working conditions of the hotel workers.

Eleni Kunalakis Request to Taylor Swift

Kunalakis attended the Taylor Swift Eras Tour (PHOTO) in Santa Clara. Already a candidate for the new governor of California, in view of the election due in 2026, she said that all workers deserve a decent and fair wage.

“I hope we can use this moment to highlight the hardworking men and women who are the engine of our economy,” he wrote in his open letter to taylor swift. Thanks to his tours, hotels in the area make a lot of money, as well as restaurants, shops and those who triple prices during concerts. However, hotel cleaning staff and many other workers in the sector cannot afford an apartment near their place of work and are sometimes forced to spend the night in their car in order not to be late and fired.

“THAT hotel workers they are fighting for their existence, for one decent pay. They went on strike: now they are asking for your support,” the letter says. “Make your voice heard: take the side of the workers and postpone your concerts.”

Why are hotel workers on strike? Because they want higher pay and better working conditions.

Generosity Taylor Swift

After all, Taylor Swift several times he was on the side of the weakest. And often she became the protagonist of acts of great generosity. In recent days, news has leaked out about one of his Bonus $100,000 each of truckers participates in her The Eras Tour. The same amount was allocated to each worker who helped her and helps her during the preparation of the show, for a total of $55 million donated.



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