Cardi B returns to Letto’s Put It on the Floor Again

put it on da floor again is the signature banger of Work And cardi b, The song is a remix of the original version, which hit the streaming platform a few weeks back.

This is the first collaboration for the two rappers, even though their professional relationship dates back to 2020, when Cardi hosted the young collaborator in a video for the smash-hit wap,

Cardi B and Latto together in Put It on the Floor

The beat features the signature of a number of producers, the most famous of which is certainly go grizzly what we’ve already heard Red Ruby from Sleaze by Nicki Minaj. The rappers take turns flaunting their status and their wealth: both artists comfortable in this sound, giving fans the long-awaited duet (click here for full text):

“Put a ribbon on me, I’m acting brand new/ I ain’t smokin’ on no za, lil’ b*tch, I’m smokin’ on you / Put your bestie in a pack and now I’m smokin’ too/ I was speaking hard enough, could have gone to LSU, huh/ So many chains on, I can’t even see my neck/ These h*s don’t do enough so I always do the most”

Along with the song, Latto shared the official video which shows him living the wild life between parties, jewelers and supermarkets.

put it on da floor The Atlanta rapper’s third studio album is expected. Disc’s sequel 777With which the artist proved his versatility and ability to try his hand at different sounds.

2023 should also mark the return of Cardi B. after the worldwide success of invasion of privacy, Belkalis limited themselves to releasing scattered singles that reached the top of the major music charts. It will be interesting to see what musical direction he takes with his second album.

Meanwhile, you can recover video clips of put it on da floor again di Latto with Cardi B Click on the Youtube link below… Enjoy!

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