Sexual assault charges are dropped, it ends without a trial

It looks like the long and controversial case involving Armie Hammer, best known for his performance in the movie “Call Me By Your Name” alongside Timothée Chalamet, has finally reached a conclusion. The actor, accused by several women of harassment and sexual assault in one case, will not face legal trial.

For those who have forgotten the details, it all started in January 2021, when an Instagram account called “House of Effie” began posting messages and conversations attributed to Armie Hammer between 2016 and 2020. In these messages, the actor confessed to extreme sexual fantasies involving blood, violence and even cannibalism. As such messages spread, allegations of harassment by several women began to emerge, and soon after, an allegation of rape by Effie herself.

Following the allegations, Armie Hammer was immediately barred from film projects he was involved in, while their ups and downs were made into a documentary titled “House of Hammer”. In February this year, the actor decided to break his silence by admitting that he was in a relationship with Effie and was emotionally abusive, but pleaded not guilty to rape. According to their version of events, the episode cited by the woman must have been a carefully planned staging by both parties involved.

Now, after nearly two years of investigation, the Los Angeles District Attorney has decided not to pursue prosecution of Armie Hammer, due to lack of sufficient evidence. Tiffiny Blacknell, director of the District Attorney’s Office of Communications, explained the reasons behind this choice in a note.

“Sexual assault cases are often difficult to prove, which is why we refer these cases to our most experienced prosecutors,” Blacknell explained. “In this case, a thorough investigation has been conducted, but it has emerged that there is not currently sufficient evidence to frame criminal charges against Hammer.” In addition to underscoring the complexity of the situation, Blacknell expressed sympathy for the victims, but reiterated that without solid evidence the case cannot be progressed beyond a reasonable doubt.

Armie Hammer welcomed the Los Angeles District Attorney’s decision with a rare public intervention via a post on his Instagram profile. In his statement, he expressed his gratitude for the thorough investigation that was conducted and for coming to the conclusion from the outset that he had committed no crime. He then expressed hope that he could rebuild his life now that his reputation and name had been cleared.

Effie, on the other hand, reacted to the DA’s decision by expressing regret and disappointment. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said, “I am disappointed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s decision not to prosecute Armie Hammer. I felt I needed to hold Hammer accountable for the harm and trauma he caused and other women in the same situation.” Have to speak up and file a complaint to save yourself from facing this kind of abuse. I have paid a heavy price for speaking up and filing a complaint. I have received death and rape threats since I came forward. There have been countless brutal and relentless assaults and harassment. I think many victims in the Army were too afraid to report them. I hope that one day the rapists will not escape.”

The District Attorney’s decision has divided public opinion and leaves many questions about how the Hollywood film industry will respond to the finding.

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