Cases of syphilis and hepatitis detected in Hermosillo prison in Sonora state

No HIV-positive cases (Pic: Special)

At the Social Readjustment Center (cactus) detected in Hermosillo 2, Sonora 10 people People who test positive are deprived of liberty syphiliswhile others 30 prisoners test positive hepatitis Type C

The facts were published on Wednesday, August 2 by Sonora Department of Healththe agency responsible for conducting various tests in total during the day 178 tests to people in prison. After these tests, the possibility of HIV infection among the prisoners was ruled out.

Of the total number of random tests conducted on male detainees in prisons, 61 tested for HIV, 30 for syphilis (of which 10 were positive) and other tests. 57 Hepatitis.As explained by health authorities, infections occur because of needle exchange Drug use and tattooing activities.

CERESO in Hermosillo, Sonora (Photo: Special)

“in the case of syphilisThe health agency reported that they had received requests to be screened for the disease and reported a case from a user who was treated for the aforementioned infection a month earlier.

Likewise, we will also provide advice to individuals who test positive for the disease in order to contain the infection within Cereso 2.

The above content is from the Minister of Public Security (Minister of Public Security) on July 25 last yearSSPE) from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, conducted sanitary fence at the Third Reintegration Center prisoner death After he was diagnosed with tachycardia and died at the General Hospital, possibly of tuberculosis.

A sanitary fence has been set up inside the prison due to reported cases of tuberculosis (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

SSPE holders, Gilberto Loa Chavezsaid at a press conference that within the scope of the measures taken prevent transmission tuberculosis He stressed that among those deprived of liberty in Cereso III prison, prisoners with suspected cases were asked to use disposable tableware, in addition to using toilets and showers separate from others.

Likewise, since June, 2 prisoners and 15 other prisoners have been reported to have developed tuberculosis. more people with symptoms Examples include chronic coughs and breathing problems.

Positive cases of hepatitis and syphilis announced in Sonora state after National Guard members are assured 14 vans They were carrying weapons inside and were spotted by uniformed police officers in San Luis Rio, Colorado.

Sonora MPs have access to all seized items (Photo: GN)

MoD members take part in action, uniformed officers ‘take it into account’ 14 trucks lined up, mostly 4×4 and pickup types, with no one nearby. Among the vehicles found, the security department detailed that nine 4WD vehicles were stolen in the US state of California.

After uniformed officers inspected vehicles, 18 were found long arms; 3 short arms; 7,860 ink cartridge Tools; 188 magazines and 15 CD-ROM magazines.

In addition, there are 500 possible packages cocaine; Six packs of characteristic green hay coating; and two bags of possible methamphetamine and two other bags of obvious Fentanyl. Despite the seizure of these units, materials and substances (provided to the Sonora Public Department), no arrest report Because when uniformed police officers arrived at the scene, there was no one around.

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