Cassie Howard: the most beautiful outfits of Euphoria

There is the very young American actress Sydney Sweeney behind the face of one of the most beloved, but at the same time controversial characters in the history of Euphoriathe blonde Cassie Howard. He co-stars in Sam Levinson’s teen drama which, truthfully and raw, shows the life of the so-called Generation Z. A succession of scenes that tell of great feelings of friendship and love, typical of adolescence, but also of the shadow of torments that hit the daily life of today’s young people, between addiction to alcohol and drugs, family problems. A television series that has been able to amaze the audience for how strong and able to get straight to the heart and make people think, but which has also become over time a real cultthanks to the protagonists highlighted by make-up and trendy outfits, highly sought after. It is precisely in this regard that it therefore seemed necessary to draw up a brief guide to Cassie’s best looks in Euphoria.

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Sydney Sweeney is Cassie Howard in Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney is today a beloved face of the small and big screen, a goal obtained after years of apprenticeship, which also allowed her to become a leading character in television series and films of great appeal such as The White Lotus And Once upon a time Hollywoodby master Quentin Tarantino. He will also soon be in international theaters with his own version of the Barbarella by Jane Fonda and in the Marvel film Madame Web, where he will join Dakota Johnson and Emma Roberts. However, for her there is a role that most of all has earned her fame, that of the beautiful, but tormented Cassie Howard in Euphoria. In the television series, born in 2019 with Sam Levinson and distributed by HBO, Sweeney plays the role of a young girl, a promise of figure skating, who is suddenly forced to leave due to the economic difficulties facing her family. Life that at home is not for Cassie, and for the younger sister Lexi (Maude Apatow) all roses and flowers, with their parents often engaged in violent quarrels, up to the divorce and entrustment of the two young girls to their mother, subject to alcohol addiction. Sweet and caring, Cassie Howard is loved by all and will often find herself at the center of romantic relationships which, while depriving her of what she is looking for, in an imaginary of pure and engaging love, she will not be able to do without them, for fear of being alone. . A sentimentality accentuated by her sensitivity and by the traumas she experienced during her childhood, which will often put her face to face even with the people who care about her most. For the part played in EuphoriaSydney Sweeney also received a application at the Best Supporting Actress in a Series garlic Emmys 2022but the award went to his on-set co-partner Zendaya.

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Cassie’s hottest outfits in Euphoria

There is an often romantic and delicate mood – accentuated by the beauty of pastel colors, as well as dresses and skirts enriched by details such as flounces and drapes – behind the most beautiful outfits worn by Cassie Howardaka Sydney Sweeneyin Euphoria. Other times though, the American actress plays with hers body shape, in a single micro dress and cut out, with a deliberately provocative appeal, just as her character wishes to be. With Cosmopolitan discovering the most replicated and requested outfits of Cassie in the well-known television series.

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  • Pink bodysuit and jeans. There certainly is Cassie Howardalong with best friend Maddy Perez, among the most glamorous characters of Euphoria. This simple outfit proves it sporty-chic, which we too could easily wear in everyday life. This is the case of a long-sleeved bodysuit with a zip closure on the neckline, combined with comfortable blue jeans. For accessories, the tormented character of the series instead chooses a white shoulder bag, matching with sneakers.
    • White micro-top and jeans. It’s yet another inspo look offered by Cassie Howardto be inserted immediately in the wishlist perfect garments for next spring summer. In this scene from the television series, Sydney Sweeney she wears a white top which, in addition to its delicate bow closure, reveals bare shoulders and belly. The whole thing is paired with high-waisted navy blue jeans.
      • That blue jumpsuit, that we all noticed (and loved). Among the most beautiful outfits of Cassie Howard the comfortable fit of a tracksuit certainly could not be missing, characterized by a crop sweatshirt with hood and soft trousers. All in an unprecedented sugar paper-like color that stands out well next to the typical armo-chromatic colors of theamerican actress.

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        • A pink corduroy suit. Sydney Sweeney quickly achieved worldwide fame with her performance in Euphoriain the role of Cassie Howard. Success multiplied by the entry onto the scene with cutting-edge looks, yet simple to replicate even in everyday life. This is the case with this outfit worn during the episodes of the first season of the known teen drama: a pink corduroy suit, made up of a jacket and matching trousers. Finally, sneakers of the same color.
          • That little denim dress that fully follows the fashion trends of 2023. There is precisely the character of Cassie Howard to inaugurate the arrival on TV and streaming of Euphoria 2. The co-protagonist of one of the most successful television series of the moment, wears what is, to all intents and purposes, a real trend in terms of clothing in the style season 2022/23. A very close-fitting blue dress, in similar blue jeans to wrap the figure, with a straight neckline and thin straps. On the feet, white heels and, to face the outdoor scenes, a light wash denim jacket.
            • White crop top and pink miniskirt. It comes from Cassie Howard, aka Sydney Sweeney, another interesting inspo for your summer looks. The young girl of Euphoria knows how to best enhance his body shape. In this case it does so with a flavor look sporty-chic which sees, in a perfect combination, a white crop top, with pink and black inserts, and a very light pink mini skirt. Last, but not least, the effect offered by the accessories: white sneakers and backpack matching.
              • That daring costume, sold out immediately. A flight of fancy takes us back to Cassie Howard of the second season of Euphoria and one of her cult scenes: the pool party with her friends. The actress wears a very special model by trikini. In pink, it has high-waisted briefs and a generous neckline, as well as a subtle play of portholes that leave part of the waist in evidence. It goes without saying that its modern texture has captured the attention of the public all over the world, causing truly endless waiting lists for this model – and many others like it – to be purchased.
                • Cassie Howard and that white dress that she loves so much. It is in episode number three of the second season of Euphoria That Sydney Sweeney show another outfit worthy of being remembered. Partly because it’s perfect for enhancing hot summer days without giving up refinement and glam. It is a white mini dress, characterized by a draped hem and wide shoulder straps embellished with two maxi buckles.

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