celebrity flannel, from Rosala to Valentina Ferragni

Typical hairstyles of the 90s or 2000, flannel This is the hair accessory that allows you to conveniently and practically collect strands without the restrictions of an elastic band. And – most importantly – back in fashion: rumor Rosalia and from Valentina Ferragni. In fact, celebrities and it-girls are the first to post pictures of their trendy hairstyles on social media, and the credit for this gorgeous beauty comeback belongs to them. Both the “Bizcochito” singer and the Italian entrepreneur and influencer have posted several snaps to their respective Instagram profiles, where they appear with the same hairstyle: half-up, gently stopped by a claw clip. This cute accessory in different shapes and colors can really give your hair a cool and carefree look: Cosmopolitan Italy will help you discover the most beautiful flannel seen on celebrities summer 2023.

Summer 2023 Trends: Rosalia and Valentina Ferragni’s Flannel

Given the wide range of flannels available on the market (transparent, non-slip, triangular, etc.), choosing the prettiest option can be more difficult than expected. So they lead us along this path it-girls: if Rosalia chose a large rectangular pink flannel, Valentina Ferragni instead, he opted for a smaller vanilla clip with rounded edges embellished with gems, stones and rhinestones of all kinds. In addition, of all the ways to wear flannel, both stars preferred the collected seeds, the method is not only chic, but also practical and quick to free your face from those naughty shreds, which, especially in summer, can be very annoying.

Hairpin summer 2023: ideas and photos of celebrities

Not only Rosalia AND Valentina Ferragni: Many celebrities have recently effortlessly chosen an accessory that symbolizes coolness. Indeed, if until recently the flannel was secretly tied to the walls of the house, summer 2023 it becomes a must for all those casual and casual looks, informal yet stylish to proudly show off on any occasion. Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Chiara Ferragni too: here’s an all-star flare photo.

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