Celebrity hairstyles have changed before the holiday

Even celebrities get ready for their vacation and make a list of what to take with them. Sunglasses? Check. Vertex? Check? jorts? Check. A cap to hide from the paparazzi? Check. But what could really mislead the crowd of photographers who usually follow them? Maybe a new hairstyle. So, from Kim Kardashian to Anna Hathaway, from Katy Perry to J. Lo, the stars cut their hair, dyed their hair, showed off bangs, used wigs and extensions. All in order to have 15 minutes of peace or, on the contrary, to make them talk even more, even being away from cinemas and stages?

Here are the main celebrity holiday hair changes.

Kim Kardashian

“I want to show you guys my new hair” he says in instagram story Kim Kardashian, taking advantage of the new SKIMS kits to show off the hair change. In recent years, the businesswoman has accustomed us to long hair (even XXL thanks to the use of wigs or extensions), layered, with a central line, sometimes dark brown, sometimes blonde, with or without bangs, but for some time now it’s who has not decided on such a short hair. path, 9th bob0, with center line e very smooth fold, with buns that ideally end at chin height. First fan comments? She seems more and more like her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who has been wearing carré mignon since this spring, first in platinum blonde and now in black, her natural color.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh loves to experiment and play with his image. For that reason, her fans weren’t surprised when, as a front-row guest at the Valentino Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2023/24 fashion show, the actress made her debut with an unprecedented short haircut Rose. Tribute to Barbie? Possibly, but the cut made Peter Lux seems to take on new nuances with each public appearance of the star. In fact, on July 12, Pugh attended Oppenheimer’s photo shoot in London with two different colors, from hot pink her hair first degraded to pale peach and then to platinum blonde with dark roots that could be glimpsed.

Emily Ratajkowski

The top model prepared for the holidays by changing her look, perhaps inspired by The Little Mermaid. Like the beautiful Ariel, her hair is also dyed red. Red fox. This rich and warm shade is destined to be popular this fall, created for Emrata by her trusted stylist, Jenna Perry. Perry created coppery red highlights with some light and orange highlights using the protocol Chroma Absolu by Kerastase which colors without compromising the health of the hair. The cut, on the contrary, is the same as in the previous period: medium, slightly scaly on the sides with curtain fringe.

J Lo

Celebrity hairstyle changes before the holiday From Kim Kardashian to Emrata, the slogans of summer - a new hairstyle |  Image 464045

Celebrity hairstyle changes before the holiday From Kim Kardashian to Emrata, the slogans of summer - a new hairstyle |  Image 464046

J Lo decided to change her image on the eve of the summer solstice, adding to her classic long layered neckline curtain bangs, complete and light at the same time. Lopez has ditched her very long hair in favor of a layered haircut with slightly shorter streaks on the sides of her face, created by the hairdresser. Lorenzo Martin. Goodbye also to bronda of the last few months. Due to the hot season, the star opted for a brown shade with small fine highlights that give movement to the hair and lightness to the face.


After appearing on stage at Sanremo 2023 with blond roots and long hair blorangehaving received sharp criticism for the change in appearance, Levant say hello to summer come backndo blue raspberry. She did it with irony and flair, posting on her Instagram a video in which she daydreams about various characters from the entertainment world, from Pilar Fogliati to Linus, from Colapesche and Dimartino to Fiorello, who disapprove of her hair color and suggest that she return the blue raspberry. Waking up, the singer discovers that the time when she was a blonde was just a nightmare. The creator of the “old” blond and the new chocolate brown AND Graziella Cassianelli.

Camila Cabello

Retro Brunette, dark and sexy for summer 2023″ is how he defines the makeover Camila Cabello famous barber Nikki Lee. The new raven hair actually gives the artist a mysterious charm, but at the same time romantic, sweet, primarily due to the combination of bangs with long hair and the way mermaid waves. And when will Camila want to change and take on a more determined attitude? Just smooth the strands, collect them in a high tail and tuck the bangs under the bandage.

Ann Hataway

For her role as Fantine in Les Misérables, she cut her long brown hair in front of the camera and, again, for scripting purposes, she also wore a pixie cut in One Day, but a lot of time has passed since then. Ann Hataway he stayed true to his length. However, pictures of the actress with unpublished photos have recently appeared. french bob with a bang that appreciated her very much. Has he really cut his hair or is it going to be a wig? Perhaps the second option is the most plausible. Ann actually showed that a haircut is a job Adir Abergel, only on the occasion of a photoshoot for Elle Japan. Too bad, because it was really great!

Katy Perry

New bangs also for Katy Perry. The singer appeared on Instagram with her usual long raven hair and baby bangs with slightly wavy strands that ended a few inches above the eyebrows. Petite pixie, a bit 90s, Katie looked really good with a new beauty detail, but a comment from her hairstylist Jan Atkin questions her natural hair. Perhaps the tassels on the forehead are the result hairpin for bangs.

Doja Cat

Celebrity hairstyle changes before the holiday From Kim Kardashian to Emrata, the slogans of summer - a new hairstyle |  Image 464050

Like Florence Pugh too Doja Cat she likes to experiment with her image and often dyes her short haircut. The latest color for the summer holidays is hot pink, which seems to wink at Barbie and Barbicore.

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