Cinema reopens at Villa Ghirlanda Silva between Barbie, Indiana Jones and master classes

The Cinisello Balsamo Cinema Arena reopens with the iconic Barbie this summer. Tomorrow, Ghirlanda Silva Villa Park will resume programming of the show, which was suspended at the end of July for safety reasons due to storm damage. The cinema area has been appropriately demarcated and is therefore again suitable for use by the whole family. It all starts again with the most rosy and glamorous film yet: the story of the iconic Mattel doll, played by Margot Robbie, will be shown at 21:15 in the historical park on Via Frava. On Tuesday, always at the same time, the turn of “Mavka and the Enchanted Forest” will come, expected at 20.15 with a face painting session. On Wednesday, auteur cinema and 3.50 euro ministry promotion return with Riccardo Milani’s Italian comedy Grazie Ragazzi, featuring an exceptional cast with Antonio Albanese, Sonia Bergamasco, Vinicio Marchioni, Giacomo Ferrara and Giorgio Montanini. August concludes on Thursday 31st with Harrison Ford’s final interpretation of the Indiana Jones saga in the “Quadrant of Destiny” chapter. The film will be waiting at the ancient cryptographic laboratory (Polybius Code and Caesar Cipher) from 20.15. The review will not stop in September: the last part of the program will be announced in the next few days.

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