Coco Goff and Ben Shelton, the North American jewels at the US Open, can they win?

last time Arthur Ashe Platform Saw someone from home win, that was six years ago Sloane Stephens crowned in front of madison casefor women; but if we talk about men, twenty years have passed Andy Roddick beat Charles Ferrero Since then, joy has been assigned to Roger Federer, Juan Martin del Potro, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Marin Cilic, Stan Wawrinka, Domi Nick Timm, Daniel Medvedev and Carlos Alcarazno one was born in North America.

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Until recently serena williams She remains a great icon capable of taking US tennis to the top. But Northland fans have been orphaned since he retired last year.Although Fritz won indian wells, pegura World No. 3, Tiafoe advances to semi-finals New Yorkno one is excited about winning a title US Open, until they show up coco gough and ben shelton.

Young American, she’s 19, he’s 20, already in the semifinals US Open Both have shown solid tennis prowess this year and beyond, and while crowning this year will be tough, it looks like they’ll be home champions soon.

COCO GAUFF, Integration Challenge for ARYNA Sabalenka

when he wins Cincinnati, Coco Gough was automatically placed as one of the favorites US OpenEspecially when she won the championship, she successfully eliminated Iga Swiatek, who had beaten her seven times in a row, in the semi-finals;
America has not failed.

Coco beat Zigmund, Andreeva, Mertens, Wozniacki and OstapenkoBut their real challenge comes now, starting with the semi-finals.

everything shows goff will be in the final as his next opponent is Karolina Muchovarecently won the final cincinnati Then there’s only one obstacle left for the 19-year-old tennis player, Alina Sabalenka, who not only surpassed her in the rankings but also became world number one just last week and has yet to lose a match. disk in Flushing Meadows.

just in case goff and Sabalenka If they reach the semi-finals and meet in the title fight, it will be the sixth match between the two, as they have met five times so far, with the North American team dominating the series with three wins despite the recent In the game, Indian Wells 2023Aryna becomes the winner.

The above shows coco gough She’s in a situation where if she doesn’t make a mistake, she can take home the title, but first, if all goes by logic, beat the best Alina she’s had in her entire career.

Sheldon graduates with honors, but Dekovic is from another planet

“Sometimes you have to turn off your brain, close your eyes, and hit the ball,” he said. ben shelton once you beat Tiafeau, France And reached the semi-finals for the first time in his career in just five Grand Slam appearances.

Not only did the 20-year-old southpaw become the youngest American to reach this stage in 32 years, he also had the fastest serve in tournament history and, as if that wasn’t enough, he raised his hand to all his fellow players. By the way, despite being the lowest ranked, he also hit the road.

sheldon beat Kachin, Tim, Karatsev, tommy paulwhen he came before Tiafoe In the quarter-finals, everything suggested it would be the last match, yet the youngster showed professorial tenacity and hit the best shot to become a North American men’s tennis player again at Flushing Meadows Crowned hopes.

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in the semifinals sheldon will be measured before Novak Djokovic, if he wants to defeat, he must perform a perfect match.They’ve never played against each other so there’s no stats to show the full picture, so far it can only be interpreted as if the North American is doing what he’s been doing, it’s going to be a great game arthur ashe.

never won before Nolefans at New York You can rest assured that even though it’s not this year, you already have an heir who can come back to the US like he did years ago Andy Roddick, Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi.

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